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Day 11 smoke free!

Posted in Quit experiences 07 Aug 2019

Hi guys,

I've just found this forum and thought I'd join in! I smoked approx 15-20 roll ups a day for around 6 years on and off. I'm currently on day 11 of my smoke free journey using NRT 21mg patches! This is probably my 5th time of attempting to quit over the years but this time I feel is the most positive and I feel like I will never go back to it. The first week was the hardest part for me but after pushing through it I can honestly say the second week feels so much easier. I'm noticing so many benefits of quitting already - I can breathe so much better, exercise is a breeze now compared to a couple of months ago, I'm generally more relaxed and positive around other people, I have more money, my teeth feel less sensitive? An odd benefit but it definitely makes a difference. My brain feels sharper and on the ball in most of my day. For anyone out there who is going through their first week and struggling - push through!! It is so worth it.

If anyone needs any tips or motivation to keep going please let me know! I'd be happy to help anybody going through this!

Also, if anyone has any tips feel free to tell me :)

Onwards and upwards!

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 07, 2019 | 8:12
    Hey good for you Jack Day 11 great, the last time even better. Yes please join in and welcome to our forum.

    Even though it is not your first time, it does help to keep in touch with someone, I found this forum enlightening to say the least, and we all need support no matter what stage we are up to.

    Well done for Day 11, and helping to support someone comes back tenfold to yourself.
  • Willem, Northern Sydney August 07, 2019 | 8:26
    I think one of the best things that helped me is realising that a craving only lasts a few seconds. And you can take a couple of deep breaths to let the tension back out. Every craving you do get is just a reminder that you are a non smoker now. Helped me anyway
  • Happiness August 07, 2019 | 11:57
    So nice of you to join us and make your presence known Jack. Support, motivation and new ideas are always welcome. Lots of great stories to read and learn from. as i always say "Knowledge is Power" There is a recent post of "Music" with a list of songs that may boost mood and determination when needed. Robyn's recent story about "Embrace It" should help make the journey easier, and of course reading my link to Allan Carr is a must read for anyone, anytime. Enjoy browsing and we hope to hear much more from you. Congratulation and all the best on your journey.
  • PV August 07, 2019 | 12:50
    Keep going Jack. I promise you its so worth it!!
  • emsie August 16, 2019 | 20:32
    Well done. I am on patches. You can use safely for 5 months so if you feel you need to continue longer with them, provided docs happy, do it. I have used them longer as was too quick for me the whole 6 weeks.

    I am at 10 weeks this weekend and am now lowering down to the stage 3, which I will prob do for 3 or 4 weeks.

    The hardest thing for me was stress, breathing helps lol. If you can keep relaxed it certainly helps.

    Exercise is also great, whether a walk or something more active.

    Keep it going well done.

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