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Sweet Tea

Day 17

Posted in Getting started 06 Aug 2019

I am still here and now on Day 17. The last couple days were particularly difficult. I wanted to smoke but have managed to hold out. Today I was incredibly tired and would have liked nothing better than to have a cup of coffee and two cigarettes, yes two! I had none and here it is the end of the day. Two posts today are from individuals who are well into the journey of never smoking again. You guys are inspiring! Two new posts I read today are from individuals who are just beginning their journey, just like me. Stay strong and hang in there. Post every few days to let us know we're still on the path together. (Accountability) Yes, I know it will get easier. I've decided that after 30-45 days this whole situation will be much more tolerable. I drank tons of water today and walked at every opportunity. Seventeen days down! Phew!

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  • Happiness August 06, 2019 | 13:56
    You're doing great Sweet Tea so stick with it for amazing benefits and rewards! You must already be feeling the benefits and definitely see your savings accumulate. Treat yourself to something you might not normally buy but have desired for some time. Of course the biggest reward is your health!

    Try a couple of songs from the list that a member posted under "Music". When a song that motivates us keeps running through our head, it becomes stronger than the craving. We can do this!
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 06, 2019 | 20:11
    Hi Sweet tea pretty good going and I for one had urges similar to yours. I asked myself this question each time "Do you really need this" and why and "Do you really want this and why" when you have the answer these are the difficulties that you need to resolve eg: Tired. Then go to bed and rest. It bears no relationship to smoking. Sounds simple and it is

    Day 18 tomorrow give yourself a pat on the back. Dont forget to owe yourself some reward no matter how small.
  • SFR August 07, 2019 | 11:22
    Hey Sweet Tea, good job and keep it going. I had a lot of cravings the first month aswell but it keeps getting better and easier. If you will take my advice, try to avoid alcohol as much as possible bscause i had my worst cravings whilst drinking alcohol. As i have said in my post, every time i got cravinga looked up to the nights i'd go home and have that feelings of accomplishing a great thing and congratulate myself, and every time i'd want to smoke a ciggarete i would think of how bad it would make me feel after i had smoked it. I do not know if any of these work for you but hang in there. I believe and hope with all my heart that you will win this battle.

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