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Posted in Getting started 06 Aug 2019

I had food poisoning and was extremely unwell and could not smoke-so now 2 days later I am telling myself the first cigarette will make me feel ill. Crazy as it sounds I can not smoke unless I have a drink as an accompaniment so have told myself that I can have a cigarette without a drink (YUK). I am missing them, I have so many gaps to fill. I am keeping my quitting a secret in case I jinx myself or fail.Day 3 today. Thank you toohters that share their stories, I am using them as a guide.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 06, 2019 | 8:32
    Wonderful Steph8888 . found it difficult not to have a cigarette with my usual morning cup of coffee. I eventually chose De-cafe although it was still a drink, the thought of doing something beneficial for my health was so important in giving me the confidence to continue.

    The next step was thinking about food preferably nothing that would give me food poisoning (not nice) I then ended up with fruit porridge and yoghurt, for breakfast, not all the time, but definitely the yoghurt will help your poor little stomach

    Your imagination is going great in your thought process; now your imagination can be used for filling in those gaps, what a great way to go.

    I wrote lists of things to do, which I felt would give me simple joys, like dancing to music, singing, writing, and eventually walking and exercising, (this came last for me) Now I keep my regime going long term and I feel so much fitter and happier. (I too have one secret which I hug to myself) we all need our personal space.

    Good job Day 3 tomorrow Day 4
  • Happiness August 06, 2019 | 13:40
    Excellent advice by Softly40 as always. I also quit work when i quit smoking or maybe i really wanted to quit smoking since i quit work. (and maybe retire) If you think you have voids to fill ......yet i had a very easy quit. I made the Choice to quit. Once i joined a quit group i decided that i could do it if i wanted to bad enough, and i did. I let housework pile up in case i needed to keep busy, but i found myself on the quit line and researching nicotine and a healthier diet. Learning i have learned,lol, helps to raise our happy dopamine levels like smoking used to. It only made us happy because we fed the craving to feed the nicotine monster. Now a days i am happy to have my freedom from the constant feedings. My time is my own. My money better spend, and my health is restored to a point that is unbelievable. Gladly it is all true. Within days you can take a deep breath that would have sent you into a coughing fit. Blood pressure is good once again. No more wheezing and breathlessness. What else can i possible say to convince anyone that it is the single most important decision of your life. My new doctor had no clue of my borderline copd diagnosed 3 years earlier after i had only quit 6 months!

    My time spent here not only helps others, but myself as well. To those who think it is too late or that you can never ever achieve this you are wrong. Think positive. You can restore your health and enjoy life once again. You can choose to make the change. It can truly be easier than you ever thought.
  • Steph8888 August 06, 2019 | 20:32
    I am on nightshift at the moment and have hit a brick wall. I really want a cigarette.....I was doing okay until this morning and right now feel like screaming. No comment required.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 07, 2019 | 10:38
    Just deep breath

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