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Happy Wheels

on the 'Champix' week 5 and no support from from the site :(

Posted in Quit experiences 05 Aug 2019

well, I used up the 4 week 'Initial' supply of Champix and (as instructed) back to the doctor (120 more pills?). So I went to the 'Official' mytimetoquit site looking for info on these pills....well, I was led to the 'Google-PlayStore' and it's the hardest sign-up, most posts are over 4yrs old and vague. So, I'm back here :). I am happy with my progress 1-3 ciggs. a day down from 30-50 I haven't set a final date, too much on the (Home/Work) front But, I am 'slowly' reaching my goal. I am at week 5 no side affects (other than dreams) but I'm not going outside at nite (every 2hrs) so a '+' for me :) will keep posting weekly, this site gets 10/10 points.... Happy Wheels :)

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  • Happiness August 06, 2019 | 0:05
    I am glad that you are happy with your progress Happy Wheels and I think that you are doing amazing! You really should choose a quit date however and don't fear it, for I don't believe you will find any difference. The nicotine is 93% out of our system when we wake in the morning even after 50 a day..what is left of 3? The hardest part of my journey was cutting down before i quit....and deciding that cold turkey was by far less torture. Rip the bandaid off, so to speak! A craving is a craving, whether it be for the nicotine or the psychological kind. As I said, you won't know the difference.

    Others who have used the product to this extent (far) can either agree with me or give you their perspective, and I hope they will, as this is what this site is for. This is a great site and I am also very happy that I was fortunate to find it. I think I got booted from one because I was for cold turkey, and maybe their sponsors for nrt weren't elated with my easy quit and willingness to share. I am not adverse to nrt either as everyone is different.

    Other sites, as you found, had few participants and out dated comments. Many here say that they check in to read the new stories and comments, and I know it is disappointing to find none. Keep writing and commenting people. It is you who help to make this a great site. Insight and encouragement is always appreciated. Learning raises our dopamine production and makes us happy. Being happy means less cravings. Have a Happy Day All!
  • Happiness August 06, 2019 | 2:14
    Funny how a bad relationship and nicotine can be substituted. I found the version of Stronger that you meant and think it is wonderful as well. I will give the link for the video with the lyrics which are "fighting words!

    You hold me under, but now I am well,

    And you stole my soul, but now i am whole

    I believe,

    I am stronger than you!
  • Happiness August 06, 2019 | 2:17
    My mistake, the above should have been posted to Wendy /Themsbeard about music and relating to it for inspiration and motivation.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 06, 2019 | 7:59
    Hello again Happy Whe. I believe I gave you the 3 alternatives to choose from last time, and from seeing what stage you are up to, it seems you have chosen the 3rd option, which is a gradual lessening of the cigarette itself.

    I am glad you went back to your doctor, to get a further amount, this is important because they cannot issue the medication unless you discuss any problems you may have.

    You can have a total of up to 24 weeks, but this must be arranged during your consultation with your doctor as no repeats are usually given in the following year. (Think about it)

    Your aim it says on your instructions are to have stopped smoking on the last day of the (12 week) programme (which you have chosen) and then continue on with the champix for another 12 weeks. (it tells you on the instructions that come with your tablets)

    Actually your aim is to stop smoking long term, this is why you chose to give it a go. You are doing so well and I know it can be confusing but you need to persevere, and learn how to fill that void (if you have any).

    You have chosen one, which gives you psychological space to set a quit date and to change your normal routine along with learning what Nicotine actually does to your body. You can ask others on this site if you want, what methods they used to overcome the habit of lighting up.

    It seems you are doing what is expected of you, Now you must tackle the times you take those few cigarettes and make some kind of substitution instead of the cigarette, this means jotting down the time and then going past that time with another diversion other than smoking.

    It is scary to think of but that's all it is just your fear of letting go completely, best not to think too hard on this one and just set your date to quit and beat the time it gives you if you on the instructions if you feel so inclined. You have improved greatly so give yourself a pat on the back for this. Give yourself a great reward when you actually quit, you should have the money to do this now.

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