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Sweet Tea

Day 14

Posted in Staying quit 03 Aug 2019

Today is Day 14, yippee! I am so glad made it here and I'm doing it one day at a time. I have been drinking a lot of water as it's supposed to flush out the toxins. I have also been taking walks. I am still wearing the 14mg patch but I take it off after 12 hours. That might mean that I am really only getting 7mg a day. I really think it does cause vivid dreams but since they're not bad I suppose that's okay. I will keep putting on that patch every day because I do not want to fall off the wagon. Twice today smoking crossed my mind. I left the hairdresser and thought this is usually a time when I would light up a cigarette. I also drove by a store where I usually buy cigarettes and looked over at it for just a quick moment. I had to remind myself I am a non-smoker. Finally, I was able to obtain Allen Carr's book on my Kindle and have read the first few chapters so far. I'm not sure how I feel about it because he makes it seem ridiculously easy but if I pick up any tips, pointers or help it is certainly worth reading. To all of you who are beginning the journey with me just remember you only have to make it through this day and if it gets really bad, just worry about making it through the next hour. It will get easier. By the way, I am breathing better, I smell better and I even have money in my pocket!

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  • Catherine anne, Western NSW August 03, 2019 | 13:09
    Keep going sweet tea I’m on day 8 found it hard this morning but ok now. Stay stubborn and don’t let that nicotine win. We are stronger than that
  • softly40, Mid North Coast August 03, 2019 | 13:21
    Thats 2 weeks Sweet tea. Good for you. I can remember feeling that pull to our local supermarket. Went in even but bought a cake instead. Dont you feel just proud of yourself when you fight that hateful Nicotine fella and win. It gets easier to keep on winning so stick with what you are doing Day 15 tomorrow.
  • DAB57 August 03, 2019 | 15:23
    Hi Sweet Tea. I just want to repeat your words re- Alan Carr, "I'm not sure how I feel about it because he makes it seem ridiculously easy". I can say in my experience that once in the absolute mindset of hating smoking, it really does become "ridiculously easy". It is the fear of what is going to happen, what am I going to go through which acts as a block to success. Once that mindset is replaced with an absolute hatred of smoking and identifying being a slave to the cigarettes it is a short period of discomfort when compared to the long life of being smoke free thereafter. Today I reply to you being 1 year, 1 month and 12 days nicotine free. I chose cold turkey, as i didn't want the delayed withdrawals of nicotine because of having to then withdraw from NRT and I feared the side effects of tablets such as chantix, etc, as they can make matters worse. I just want to say that you are on the right road, but please know that Allen Carr's book is worthy and many have been very successful using it in their quit plan. I wish you all the very best in your quit.
  • Happiness August 03, 2019 | 23:09
    Hi Sweet Tea and Others. Dabs57 is so totally right about the statement made about quitting smoking being ridiculously easy. If you read my first story i explain how i quit accidentally when trying to better my health. I thought i would be doomed to be a smoker, coughing and wheezing 'til my dying day. I started just being mindful and cutting down on smokes, somehow came across a quit site, joined and began to believe there was hope.

    People can scoff, but the simple ingredients of a very simple dose of homemade ginger/onion/turmeric powder otherwise known as a lung cleanse on line, helped to reduce the urge to smoke so that one morning i put off that first smoke . I had 5 that day, down to 2 , then 3. It was hard so i just quit. Cutting down is fine to a degree , but i was a pack a day smoker for over 45 years and resisting like that was hard. Once i made up my mind that that was it, there was no debate if i could have a puff. There was no resistance, there was no fight, it was replaced with acceptance and hope of becoming a non-smoker. After 72 hours of my last cigarette i had no more cravings. The cravings i had had were short lived and easily put aside. Of course i think about cigarettes being on this site as much as i am, but i don't want one. I consider myself a happy non-smoker and proud to be one. My spouse and daughter both quit as well after reading Allan Carr without the lung cleanse. I had quit BEFORE reading his book. Wanting to quit and Believing you CAN quit are key. Knowing it can be easy and Believing it CAN is also conducive to a smooth transition.

    Allan Carr gives great insight to our addiction and helps you to believe that there is hope of escaping the seemingly endless cycle. He offers you key information, understanding of yourself and a CHOICE.

    If I could quit , then anyone can. If myself and 2 members of my family did it easily, so can you. Acceptance and embracing the journey make it so. Just compare getting out of bed in the morning with nothing to do , as to with an exciting event planned. Get Pumped! You are finally going to be free and get to enjoy that money you can put aside.

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