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Sweet Tea

Day 6 Still Smoke Free

Posted in Getting started 26 Jul 2019

14 mg Patch

I'm on day 6 and it's still pretty tough. I have to make it this time. I started back smoking 2 years ago after not smoking for Twelve Years! All it took was one cigarette and it was downhill from there. This time around, I am on my third try and on day 6. I have been using the Habitrol 14 mg patch and I have six left. I am wondering if I should buy another box or go down to the 7 mg. I take it off at night. It's been rough but I noticed the affects to my health so I have to make it. The moodiness and irritability are still full swing. How many more days of this?

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  • Catherine anne, Western NSW July 26, 2019 | 17:38
    Keep going please
  • Butterfliez02, Western Sydney July 26, 2019 | 20:12
    I used nicotinell 21gr it’s cheap as well sometimes you can pick them up for $15, I found they are the best. I’m on my second time quitting and been successful twice. Keep pushing through. You might just need to go up in milligrams with the patches. Good luck !! You can do it
  • Happiness July 26, 2019 | 23:11
    Hi , and Welcome to the forum. I quit cold turkey but did try patches years ago. but did not have the access to information that I do now to quit smoking.

    The nicotine addiction itself is the lesser part of the journey. Eighty percent of , and most time consuming overall is the acceptance of the journey itself. Unless you really want to quit smoking you won't. Embracing the idea of being a non-smoker is a must. Step one is to retrain your mind to accept the truths about smoking.
    1. Smoking never gave us courage or bolstered our confidence. It caused the anxiety and will continue to cause you anxiety until you stop feeding your body nicotine, which gave you a feeling of satisfaction on a regular basis. Learn how to replace the dopamine for these pleasurable feelings to feel content and happy without nicotine.

    2. We weren't Cool.....we were addicted but didn't accept that fact and then it became habitual as well.

    3. Cravings are mere thoughts. Divert your attention to something else and they go away. The voids we have, once filled with a smoke are easily filled with exercises, breathing deeply, quick games on the phone, a phone call or other pleasurable diversion. Proper diet, lots of water and exercise eliminate some issues confused to be physical side effects of nicotine withdrawal.

    4. Health issues and smoking are obvious. Amazingly, our bodies can recuperate quickly from our neglect and abuse in some cases. Our immune systems can again protect our bodies without overloading it with toxins and poisonous chemicals found in cigarettes.

    5. Quitting smoking can be easier than you thought. Many have been surprised at just how easy it can be once accepting that cigarettes gave you nothing. They rob you of health and money as well as confidence and self esteem. The nicotine addiction can be beat as many here have proven. It is sustaining the quit that can be difficult unless the mind is retrained to acceptance. The simple truth is that you will not crave what you do not want.
    There are times you might remember of smoking, but let the thought pass instead of dwelling on it. Be happy that you are now free of the time consuming, filthy habit/addiction. Enjoy the money in your pocket and take pride in your accomplishment.

    Anyone can quit smoking. How long it takes really is up to you.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 27, 2019 | 9:00
    Hi Sweet tea, it sounds like you are fearful of taking the plunge to a lower dose but since you have come to this forum you might find you have more courage than you think. I too have tried many times before but am going strong at the moment. Your relationship to Nicotine is one that is individual and complex. You need to keep reading others posts for support, and taking suggestions on board as it resonates with you. I am on champix and my relationship with Nicotine (which was in patches) is now no more. Day 6 is still early, so this is up to you, if you decide to keep on the higher dose, you need to make a date (much like you did with your quit date) to go onto the lower dose, its the Nicotine Addiction still wanting more and more and it can get quite hungry to begin with and loves to keep you on the edge. Keep deep breathing and use your past attempts to keep any anxiety at bay. Wishing you good luck.

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