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Only 19 days, but want to keep the quit

Posted in Staying quit 25 Jul 2019

This is my 19th day staying quit from cigarettes. My lungs and heart feel much better, and my blood pressure has gone down! I am so thankful that I have got a loving family that takes care of me when I don't feel like making life worthwhile.

My experience with smoking was a dreadful one. It lasted about 7 years, and no one knows more than me the effects it has on mental health. I know that a lot of people smoke for most of their lives; it is increasingly important to get the message out there to kids not to believe in the lies about it 'relaxing you' or that it makes you look cool.

The way I'm keeping my quit is to replace it with little projects, like telling myself to try to get myself to grieve my deceased loved ones naturally because I never really grieved correctly. Or other things like taking notes on habits and changing them, so I can try to experience life a bit differently. Walking and taking care of my hygiene.

Peer pressure can get anyone. When I was a kid, the teachers brought in police men who did classes called DARE which were about the dangers of drugs, smoking, or other things. I think some people were tempted by those classes into testing out their theories. I got depressed because I was stuck in too many situations, and it felt like my whole family was dying. Five in about five years. I'm only 26.

Anyway, I would also say rely on whatever your main go-to, stability is. I'm still trying to figure that one out, but my goodness I think I got a handle of my life finally.

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  • Happiness July 25, 2019 | 7:04
    Welcome Vali. So sorry to hear of your recent loses and how they affected you so deeply. I am glad to hear that you are looking for ways to move on and take more of an interest in life and yourself in general. You are young yet with so much life to live, experiences to share and great memories to create.

    I hope you will read our stories and knowledge that we share to help you make this transition to a happy non-smoker smoother. As you stated, relying on stability in your life and doing happy things make it easier to stay positive and see this journey through to the end and beyond. I am glad you finally have a handle on your situation and have made a wonderful start of 19 days to a glorious lifetime of freedom to enjoy. Your financial future will also be far brighter without the addiction sucking you dry.
    Good for you for taking this journey and let us know if we can be of assistance. Anyone can quit smoking with the right mindset.
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast July 25, 2019 | 7:56
    Wonderful valix sxoxo. You are indeed lucky to have such loving people around you to help you through this time. Perhaps you might give us an idea of what method you are using eg. Patches, Gum, Champix or Cold Turkey.

    We are all susceptible to peer pressure at some stage in our lives, but the problem here is we are all in different situations and we need to express ourselves in a manner which reflect our own situation and differences. Your projects and notes are an excellent way to start your new journey, these need to be made enjoyable for yourself as much as possible, depending how you feel from day to day.

    Learning is another outlet you might consider and you can do this in many ways when you are ready. Reading from others about their Journey is one way and you might find a Video (which I liked) very inspiring yet thoughtful.
    Utube Video - "How to grow to be a happy Non-Smoker by NASIA DAVOS on the Ted x Universityof Piraeus Website.

    You are young as you say, but sometimes chronological age does not fit when you have a deep wound to heal.

    You have already found a new courage by remaining smoke free for 19 days and you feel better for it, well how good is that! Well done.

  • v_a_l_i_sxoxo July 25, 2019 | 12:17
    Thank you very much, Happiness and softly40. Both of the two comments I will consider.

    It touched me deeply when you said, softly40, 'chronological age does not fit when you have a deep wound to heal'. I have not processed this, yet more comes from life when you step into the sun.

    To softly40: mostly I went cold turkey. Cutting down with a process also helped. I was smoking up until July 5, 2019. At least a pack per day and sometimes more. I literally never had anything get to me until I started just cutting back. Besides a bit of irritability, sleep issues, and abnormal hunger pains, nothing bad has happened.

    Thank you for the 'well done'. I feel like I can consider the past years a spelling bee which I missed the 'd' on 'dare'.

    Happiness, I feel the freedom kicking me in the butt to start really trying something different with my life. I feel like the cigarettes kept me depressed, which I really think I understood. Never should have started, but I learned from that one. I saved (in US dollars) about 10,000 at one point in my life, and now it is all gone. At my age, where I live, that was a miracle.

    I plan on keeping the posts coming -- at least when I feel I should say something --, reading, and also commenting. This is a serious matter, at least to me and the individuals posting on the site. I wish to build some sort of serious desire, while here, to sustain my life in a way that does not involve any sort of terribly bad habit. Really, I'm serious.

    Real life stories and good news are the best.
  • softly40 , Mid North Coast July 26, 2019 | 9:10
    Thanks for your reply to us vali. What a courageous person you are to go cold turkey, most people wouldn't consider this, including me. You seem to be trying to sort out a deeper avenue and meaning in life, which does take a long time but it is one of the best things you could ever do for yourself, including not smoking.

    When I was young there was a book I read which helped me steer my life in the direction I wanted. Its called "What colour is your parachute" by R. Bolles. Although its a career guidance manual you find out much more about what makes you tick at a personal level you might have heard of it, it has some exercises in there which are tapping into the deepest core of you, if you are honest with yourself. It also re-enforces your natural abilities which we all have. Keep in touch with us when you feel the need.

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