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I am stuck in this doctor prescribed 'Champix' ride (2nd week) and can't set/stay on a end-date.

Posted in Getting started 23 Jul 2019

I have had better result on patches, put one on at bedtime...wake up confident. No getting up going outside (smoke.) Now I'm 57 and work heavy machinery. So, a (quiet smoke) is relaxing. Again, 2wks on the 'Champix' and even though I smoke way less, my hands are "fidgety". The thing is, do I push-on with the tablets or go back to the patches? I have even changed the brand I buy to (menthol) but am struggling with a 'End-Date', can't seem to nail it....or is 2wks still early days??....?

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast July 23, 2019 | 16:00
    I am on Champix Happy Whe, but I could not tolerate the bedtime dose, it gave me strange dreams and I was waking up tired through lack of sleep. I then changed to only one per morning. It seems you have two questions here. 1. Is do you continue on with Champix? and 2. When is the time to set a (quit) date or the date when you want to begin without the habit of the cigarette in your hands.

    From personal experience I took my time in setting a date, it will give you some idea on the instructions that come with the Champix, You can continue to smoke whilst taking them its either 7-14 days or between days 8-35 (if you are not ready) or you can reduce the cigarettes during the first 4 weeks, still while you are taking the champix. In any of the methods you choose you still Need to Set a Stop Smoking Date. I chose a date when I could tell others I wasn't available. Like the weekend, I chose the 14 days option and stopped on day 15 as I had a personal problem crop up. Its very flexible so you can work out what you can do with your time and what you can do with your hands other than smoke, or to rest up a bit.

    You think that the cigarette is relaxing when in truth it just sets you up for another drag to help you relax again (so you think) You will need to work out what relaxing thing you like to do. Check out this Website, which should keep your hands busy. Others on this forum can suggest many things to help you on your way.

    As to going back to patches, the problem with this is that they contain Nicotine which is addictive in itself, It is really up to you and your tolerance for either one plus how much can you afford etc. ..Good luck and pick a date TODAY on one of the options given to you.
  • Happiness July 24, 2019 | 1:46
    Great answers given by Softly40, and i would agree that going to patches would be a step backwards as they contain nicotine, and you would fidget regardless which method you choose. Picking a date is important, but as Champix i believe is supposed to lessen your desire to smoke, i would wait a little longer and let it kick in full effect. Meanwhile i suggest you read my story "Have you Given Up, Givin Up, Try This!" which outlines how to wean off cigarettes and how to adopt the mindset needed to maintain your quit.

    Read and learn about nicotine and you, have a plan to keep busy, and most of all think positive Happy Wheeks, anyone can quit smoking with the right mindset and attitude.
  • Lia July 26, 2019 | 21:35
    Hi Happy Wheels. Seems you are using NRT as a necessary crutch and thinking quitting is a result of cutting down. Tried that one a number of times, cutting down that is. Never worked. Ended up rewarding myself with a few more cigarettes. Then the cycle started again.mOnly success came from biting the bullet and going cold turkey. May or may not work for you. Depends also on your mindset. Wish you well.

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