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Posted in Staying quit 14 Jul 2019

hi I can quit community, I don't post often but I read all your stories all the time . I am now a happy non smoker I am amazed at the freedom I have gained, you don't realise how isolated you really are as a smoker ,the money you save is amazing . I have gained so much from being a non smoker the benefits are awesome .thank you to all in this great community for your help, and to all the new non smokers, keep going you can do it and you will be amazed at the rewards .CHEERS TO ALL

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  • Red-67 July 14, 2019 | 22:06
    Ain't that the truth !!
    Great to see you are embracing the new FREEDOM :)
    We are much alike. I was 67, and had smoked most of my life, 45+ years, and only really tried to quit once. Other than a few miserable weeks of withdrawal, I have never craved, wanted, or missed them. Once you make up your mind, that you do not WANT to smoke, it's over, and done.
  • Happiness July 15, 2019 | 0:22
    So happy you are doing well and still feeling as tough as...nails. Strength and determination or willpower are great things, but knowledge and acceptance are just as powerful if not more so in this journey. Believing you can do this and embracing the changes sets you free.
    Congratulations on a journey well done!
  • Lia July 16, 2019 | 20:40
    Agree with Red-67. To quote, "Once you make up your mind, that you do not WANT to smoke, it's over, and done." It is mind over matter. If it matters, you won't mind.
  • Nuts July 18, 2019 | 17:24
    Hey Tough as... Congrats to you mate. I am so glad that you are now a happy non smoker. Buy yourself a reward. You have earned it 👍🤗

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