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Putting Cravings in Perspective

Posted in Hints and tips 14 Jul 2019

We tend to dwell on the cravings after we stop smoking without realizing that although we do have these "thoughts" of wanting a smoke, that is what we did tens of times a day when we actually did smoke. Such is the nicotine addiction that it's schedule had us lighting up every few minutes to appease its appetite.

These cravings will go away whether we feed them or not.

Now that we are non-smokers and an urge to light up hits we acknowledge that feeling more and feel more irritated for having it. How quickly we forget all the inconveniences and annoyance the cravings had while we were smokers trapped in a public event, counting minutes to our fix. We had them while we waited for the kettle to boil to have coffee, while driving to work as not to smoke in the new car and soil it. While shopping, visiting, working and countless other times.

Today, I do not have these urges to have to rush out of meeting, fuctions, family events and socials to appease this deadly addiction. I do not miss standing in wind, rain and snow storms while society stares in distain. Whilst i may think of smoking, after all i am on this site, I do not desire to do so. I think that is the perspective to have. We craved far more when we actually smoked compared to how seldom the habitual thought pops up now. Past cravings persisted until sated, while todays cravings are fleeting.

Maybe its time to put things in perspective.....

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  • Hann@ July 14, 2019 | 2:37
    You are so right Happiness, but the addiction doesn't always let us think so clearly. I ruined my quit on day 6 today. I've smoked almost a pack since then. I don't feel any better, on the contrary, I wish I didn't. It´s time to start my next quit. Hopefully, I´ll be able to think clearly this time. Even though I've failed so many times that I doubt it :((
  • Happiness July 14, 2019 | 4:15
    Hi Hanna. You don't state what method of quit that you are using, only that you are not confident in being able to quit since trying over the past year.

    Every time you attempt and fail, you still gain knowledge. Learn and avoid the traps you keep falling into. Read Allan Carr's book i have given the link to. Mindset means everything. Think you will fail and inevitably you will. Only positive thoughts can bring positive results. Even cravings, though negative, can be turned into these positive thoughts. No not ever think, i want a cigarette when a craving hits, but that you want freedom from this vicious cycle. You want air, pride, love, honor, rewards, health..... anything but what you can't have. As Nadia Davos pointed out in her video, it is like trying not to thnk of the pink elephant, which of course you do. See her "how to grow to be a happy non-smoker" video for ideas such as finding ways to increase our dopamine. Learning is one of them.
    While you are starting over, perhaps have a look at my "Have You Given Up , Given Up" piece i wrote. Think about every puff, how it controls your time, how it really tastes.
    You can do this Hanna, first you have to really want to quit.

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