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Hunter New England

3 weeks no smoking

Posted in Staying quit 08 Jul 2019

Hi everyone just dropping let you all no how I'm going 3 weeks tomoz doin awesome no relapses or anything feeling great not depending on patches ne.more so sometimes other days have forgot lol I just crnt believe how easy this.time around has been an it keeps coming to mind questioning my self but all good support from here my family n my quit buddy wouldn't of got to where I am with out the help n support thanx

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  • FreshAirOK, Hunter New England July 08, 2019 | 14:12
    Congratulations on being 3 weeks smoke free. It can be as easy or as hard as you make it. If you have your mind in the right place you can sail through. Take it day by day, week by week and the months will add up. You are over the worst I found day 4 and week 3 the hardest. Keep up the good work and spoil yourself with the money saved.
  • Katrina+struggling, Hunter New England July 08, 2019 | 15:42
    Yea I think it's going good because I'm thinking positive n not negative n see in how much I'm saving is crazy I thought having depression n anxiety plus knee injury that requires surgery I'd fail but it's been all positives n I'm greatful 🤑🤑🤑🤑
  • Happiness July 09, 2019 | 0:06
    I am so happy for you Katrina. It sounds like that positive mindset is making all the difference for you this time around. It truly can be much easier to achieve this success than we ever imagined. I know that i did, and I know that others can as well with the right attitude.
    Keep on smiling, and the world will smile back!
  • Nuts July 09, 2019 | 9:49
    Well done Katrina. You are doing great. Stay positive and you will be the winner

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