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It's All Lies...

Posted in Reasons to quit 30 Jun 2019

We thought smoking was glamorous back in the day. Yellow skin, brittle nails, wrinkles, stink and rotting teeth are on the rage!

It was Cool. How many times did we freeze, huddling in a corner to "enjoy" our intimate moment with our friend.

Our friend who gave us confidence, while we didn't feel accepted unless we had him between our fingers. Today we are the social outcasts and we also know that nicotine did not give us confidence, but it was an excuse to be an ostrich.

I enjoy smoking. Your first inhale caused coughing and gagging and gasping for breath, but everyone else was doing it, it must be enjoyable......right? Why else would they do such a thing? Today people vape flavours, not tobacco flavour.

Smoking relieves Stress. The truth is that smoking creates more stress than anything else, let alone relieve it. Nicotine is addictive which makes your body crave it to relieve the stress that not having it is causing. That is a vicious cycle. Many stress problems are due to health and money issues..... which may not be present if we had the money spend on cigarettes in our bank accounts, and our bodies functioning with our immune systems intact.l

Personally, I used to believe that if I quit smoking that the sudden change would bring the onslaught of cancer. The truth is that the body is amazing and can reverse some negative affects of smoking. When we stop poisoning our bodies by adding toxins, we let our bodies rid of the toxins and protect us.

We became so confident that we could poison our bodies everyday and live forever. We believed we were immortal. Lies. We knew the truth but couldn't face it. We felt helpless and accepted our marriage to nicotine til death do us part.

The biggest lie of them all.......

It's hard to quit smoking. The tobacco companies and the government who also line their pockets with the blood money want you to believe that. Even other smokers want you to believe that because if you and others quit, they become even more social outcasts. They are also jealous of the fact that you have been successful in quitting. I am sure many have friends like mine who show an interest and desire to quit upon seeing you do it, but they don't follow through and take the steps to do so. Why? Because of all the lies forementioned.

I knew from the moment i joined a forum as this, that it was possible to quit smoking. . Once believing it was possible I became serious in wanting to learn more and be able to quit too. I am now 7 months free of nicotine and am a happy non-smoker. I believe you need knowledge and the true desire to quit, and all the lies dispelled to make it possible. Ridding yourself of the excuses built upon lies and accepting the truth makes it possible.

My first story shows how easy it can be. Unfortunately not many have been so lucky, but you may be one. My piece entitled "If you've given Up , Given UP " gives some ideas how to get started on the proper mindset. Of course the book by Allan Carr is my favourite post and a must read for everyone at any stage of this journey.

Stop believing the lies. Uncover the truth.

Most of all......

Believe you can do this, because you can!

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  • KMD, Western NSW July 02, 2019 | 9:02
    Hello Happiness
    How true all your words are
    We smoked to be hip n cool and to fit in
    How stupid we were
    Yes when your friends find out you no longer smoke they are keen to quit
    I just say you will feel better and leave it at that
    But they are still smoking and patting me on the back for not
    I'm glad that we both are non smokers
    And it can be done
    To stop for ever
  • NicoleF, Hunter New England July 02, 2019 | 11:45
    Hi Happiness, so pleased that Allan Carr’s book resonated with you. Unfortunately it doesn’t for everyone. Self help books only work for a portion of the population the same as anything. I think it is wonderful that people are willing to support one another, but we also need to support those who might fall beside the wayside occasionally and not give them the reformed smoker tirade.
  • Safe2017 July 02, 2019 | 13:36
    All valid points. Personally I started reading but never finish Allen Carr’s book, maybe because of his writing style or another reason I can’t put my finger on. However, I think that the most important key to a successful quit is your determination to never light up again. Mindset is critical.

    P.S. after my spouse confiscated my new computer that I bought with the money saved not smoking, I saved some more and bought me a nice secondhand Toyota Camry. I did make sure to buy a car not as nice as hers so she wouldn’t confiscate it too. LOL.
  • Happiness July 02, 2019 | 14:44
    But where do we get the determination not to light up again? I took great value in learning that you don't touch a hot stove without having to touch it for yourself. Your wisdom and stories i hope have warned others of that peril Safe.
    Nicole, every person is different and so shall their plan of reform be. If you have a sure fire way of completing this journey please share it with us. I only try to offer solutions, a different point of view and constructive support. Many express how they love to read the stories and comments, that is fine. Sometimes , i do find the participation sorely lacking. If you had read my story, i did not read Allan Carr until after i had already successfully become a happy non smoker. I , and most others find a means to understand our relationship with nicotine and how not to fear the journey and to let go of something that we have been brainwashed into believing was a necessary integral part of our lives through his easy to read stories that we can identify with. I am sorry that some that i care for deeply find the mindset elusive. I can only hope that they will find there own way with something that resonates with them. I apologize if you view my comments as tirades of a reformed smoker, as i simply wish to help others to achieve the goal as painlessly as possible.

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