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Posted in Getting started 23 Jun 2019

Pick a date when you want to quit and on that day throw away any cigarettes you have

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  • Pearly19 June 23, 2019 | 21:49
    I finished my packet yesterday so today is quit day and its really bloody extremely hard X(
  • Happiness June 23, 2019 | 23:49
    Joining a quit forum is a great first step and welcome. Welcome to Pearly19 as well and any others joining us to see what it's all about. Setting a quit date is very important as you ready yourself for that day. I got so excited that i could do this that i upped the date. Reading success stories and learning through their experiences served to build my knowledge and make my plan with confidence.

    I did not smoke my last package of cigarettes, in fact i still have 5 cartons laying about since my husband and daughter both quit as well. (Cold turkey like me)
    Some people panic knowing that they are not there. Having them nearby can be a comfort, and really a help i think because this journey should not be taken with a sense of depriving yourself , but rather the understanding that you are choosing to better your life. Embrace this journey and do not fear it. Learn what cigarettes did and what lies ahead for you in just a few days of saying NO to this addiction.

    You can do this. Believe!

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