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15 Days Smoke-Free :D

Posted in Quit experiences 03 Jul 2012

So going on my third week smoke-free and couldnt be happier. Wish i could check in on here alot more, i keep forgetting. 

Still, to this day, no cravings, im not a b!tch and i have no temptation, even when i am out with my friends :) 

Making it pubic on Facebook has also been another good way to get support, even though u get the people that say "how long for this time...." that just helps me wanna prove them wrong. But its not about them, its about me and i know this is it for me. 

I have had past failures that teaches me there is no such thing as "Just one wont hurt...", there is also no such thing as "Its ok cause im drinking and im just being social..." - these are all just the little voices that come from the lack of nicotine. I personally want to stay chemical free and nicotine free! 

I hope everyone is on the same ride to becoming and staying smoke free and i offer all my support! :D

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  • ros, Western NSW July 03, 2012 | 10:23
    congrats you are going so well im only on day 2 of smokefree im doing it for my 4 boys i love them dearly
  • Roseyk July 03, 2012 | 21:04
    Good on you Rhys, glad to read you are doing so well. Try and get on this site as much as you can as it was what helped me get through the first few months. Keep posting as I will be checking in to see how your going and give support if you need it:)

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