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I have had a stumble

Posted in Hints and tips 02 Jul 2012

I have been going really well until last week. I have had a stumble on my journey and have had about 30 smokes since last Friday. One of my daughters came to visit and she has taken up smoking again; she lit one up and I just had to have that one puff!!

I'm not blaming my daughter, I am angry and ashamed with myself!! I should have been stronger, but I only have 3 left and not enough money for anymore so I guess I will be going cold turkey tomorrow!

I hope everyone here is doing well on their journey and staying strong!!


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  • Chrisco July 02, 2012 | 20:54
    Hey GAYLD dont be ashamed at youself after all we are humans all these little detours are a test in life just like riding a bike get back up dont dwell on cigs you had there gone !!! start afresh its the ones that you dont have that we are more interested in I know how hard it is when relies come over but they should understand that is for you that you wish to stop and in the long run for them to an future family. Look at my photo that is my first Great Grand Son that is my reason for stopping even though I have 3 Children ,9 Grand Children it was not until i held him in my arms that somthing clicked 20 years
    A GREAT GREAT GRAND CHILD that would be great even though that may have to change both our nappies we could eat the same food . So just REMEMBER JUST ONE DAY AT A TIME thats all it takes Bye all the best hope to hear of your progress
  • dr.feelgood, Western NSW July 02, 2012 | 21:51
    you were doing so well. don't finish those last 3 cigs. start again, all the best.

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