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Knock Knock...Who's There?

Posted in Getting started 05 Jun 2019

We had a bit of a discussion on statistics involving quitting smoking. The numbers in themselves may seem dismal, but statistics are set and presented to serve the purpose of selling products. Strangely enough, even the nrt manufactureres put in their small instructions to use their product with councelling. (That would include this forum).

So who ever is out there, know that you have already doubled your chances.

By reading stories and gaining knowledge you have tools to combat this nasty addiction and its lingering habit. (2 separate things, but then you know that because you have been here a while)

How do we know who is in the background? It amazes me to see new ones , even successful ones to pop out of nowhere. I would love to know if anyone has been surveyed out quitting smoking, previous attempts etc,... or maybe they get it from this and other sites.

Some questions are not black and white, yes or no. How can they gage what a serious attempt is? Everyone's gage is different.

My two attempts decades ago were alone and in the dark with aids that made me feel disoriented and afraid. They have no bearing on my success today.

I just felt something had to be said to encourage people to expect success and not take a lot of stock in the numbers or statistics.

IcanQuit is a support group and that we will do. Anyone can learn the mindset. Anyone can have a change of heart and let go of their past "friend" when percieved as what it truly is.

Yes it is harder for some than for others, but you can get there with the resolve to.

Read Allan Carr's book that I have posted in my stories. Try my backwards quit in "Have you GivenUP GivenUp".

Everyones quit is different. Go at your own pace with your own plan. Join our discussions or sit back and learn. We are glad you are here.

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  • Red-67 June 05, 2019 | 5:38
    I agree.. I was not counted, anywhere, and I am sure that many attempts, successful or otherwise did not count. So, we have no idea how accurate that 6% or 7% is.. Also, that number goes back several years. I would like to think that many more succeed now :) We could call it the 50% club ? You will quit, for good, or not. 50 / 50,,, Works for me :)
  • Happiness June 07, 2019 | 2:13
    I have also read that some take 24 tries to quit smoking. Add those kind of figures into statistics and what do you get? It makes our serious 50?50 club much more believable i think. Most of those 24 tries were weak New Year's resolution without any positive action i am sure.
    We know now that no health scares, no money problems, nor threats will stop you from smoking in most cases. It is the true desire to want to quit. I am not saying that you may not have mixed feelings and be a bit afraid of what life will be like without it. Nor that you have to say you hate cigarettes.

    Its a journey, like any other. You don't just embark on it.

    First you had an IDEA to embark on this journey. You NEED to go on it to a new place and experience new things. And there is preparation involved too. RESEARCHING that destination. Once you have your passport and know enough not to drink the water when you get there. Yes, NEVER drink the water once you get to Mexico!

    How to get there is another consideration. Consider expense, direct route or lay overs or whether speed is more important. Once decided, ask the neighbours or friends to keep watch while you are on this journey. Knowing your friends and family are watching out gives you peace of mind. Clear your calendar for the best time to get started and book the ticket.

    Arrangements are done. Now to feel the excitement, the anticipation of going off to a brand new world soon. There is always the chance that the plane might crash, but that won't stop you. Fear of fear is not going to hold you back. You'll just have a drink before you embark and have some gum ready in case the pressure is too much.

    You take a good book to re-read on the trip. Allan Carr does have quit the way with words and makes you forget about your fears. You are now quite looking forward to this whole adventure.

    You will discover things about yourself and about another way of life.It is great to unwind and experience the freedom of time being yours. The warm sun makes your skin glow, the fresh air is amazing, and the people you have met on this journey are so helpful and amazing. You wish you could stay and never go back.......

    Suddenly, you are awakened. It was just a dream.

    Now it has you thinking

    Why Not?

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