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oh dear......

Posted in Hints and tips 30 Jun 2012

well today would have been day 79, except i had 3 cigarettes 2 days ago.  Frankly, i have no intention of beating myself up over it, i still consider myself now a non smoker who had a very bad slip up, jumped straight back on the horse LOL! it was a really interesting exercise actually! i didnt even have huge cravings, but i was curious about what would ill tell you what happened!!!

I sat outside with my coffee and cigs (yes i bought a packet, a small one :)  )   and smoked those three cigs over an hour, it was quite horrible actually LOL the smell on my clothing was foul, even after i brushed my teeth twice i could still taste the cig taste (honestly after almost 3 months the taste is absolutely foul!)  even the next morning i could taste and smell cig on my breath, it was incredible!  then the universe decided to intervene.............

I took my blood pressure (this is what started me on the journey of no smoking in the first place, i was having some high blood pressure probs)......well for the past almost 2 and a half months my blood pressure has been normal........after three cigs it was very high, remained high until next day!  then i woke up in the middle of the night with a wickedly sore throat ....seriously thought i had done some sort of burning of my throat tissue, never had such a sore throat since i had my tonsils out many many years ago! that just did me in, i was actually quite scared!!!!!! LOL  cut to three days later, i have NO cravings for those nasty little critters, i got my just rewards! im glad i had the experience, it has changed my mind set, i dont even get the occasional craving! I have a very bad throat infection, Doc says its coincedental, but wasnt very sympathetic said i got my just rewards!!!! anyway thought i would let you all know, save yourselves the trouble of being curious, it NOT worth it :) hope u r all doing well

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