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Day 7 of the champix

Posted in Hints and tips 25 Jun 2012

G'day all , I'm on day 7 of the champix at the moment and doing OK, i'm 23 years old and normally smoke a 30gram packets of tobacco every 2-3days, i've been smoking since i was 15

Now  i have children and cant even kick a ball around in the park without getting puffed, this has urged me to quit,quit date is set  3 days from now, Champix is starting to be a abit of a ride at the moment, I've read alot about the really bad side affects but havent experienced any yet, i am getting a few however 2 nights in a row now the dreams have been really errrr 'erotic' Haven't been able to remember any of my dreams in years until now, Loss of apetite, I'm hungry and i know i'm hungry but just don't want to eat?

the first 2-3 days on champix i smoked way more than average i chewed through a 30gram tobacco pouch in a day and a half then from day 4 onwards I've really had bugger all maybe 5-10 a day, the ashtray sitting infront of me reeks/stinks like crap, (it never used to) Thinks it's starting to work wish me luck, And good luck to all who are trying to quit :)

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  • dr.feelgood , Western NSW June 25, 2012 | 14:54
    the best way i think to stop is get rid of all your ashtrays why be reminded of smoking,and don't read to much about champix and remember champix is only an aid to help you to quit you have to want to quit, well anyway goodluck and all the best.
  • puftout June 26, 2012 | 0:18
    Hi Queenslander, wish you all the best , it gets better ( so I'm told ) it has now been 12 days since I've had a puff and I have noticed some differences. I don't smell like an ashtray and my room just smells of dirty sox ( ha ha ha ) instead of stale smoke. Keep positive and focused on the negs of smoking.
  • Queenslander June 26, 2012 | 14:31
    cheers feelgood, think you miss read my post but, I actually do want to quit, it's a shame my 3 year old son can out run me :(,

    all is going well, last night was hectic but, woke up at 3 am bed/sheets and myself was literally soaked in sweat, had a hot shower to sort it out and couldn't get back to sleep,

    flatmate cooked up a beauty of a lasagne last night, had about 2 bites and just couldn't eat it, i'm hungry but just wont/don't feel like eating, Hopefully it'll all pass, It's a small price i'm willing to pay to kick the filthy habit :)
  • Queenslander June 26, 2012 | 14:33
    I'll be ditching the ashtrays for certain, my flatmate is also on the champix but 4 days behind me, so the ashtrays will be gone once his quit date comes
  • jodes5 June 26, 2012 | 15:27
    Good luck Queenslander!!! Champix does REALLY help with the cravings, but it made me really nauseous so Im back on the patches. If you can keep up with Champix, do it because it really helps keep the emotions at bay, way better than NRT. I am on day 10, and really struggling today (worse than any previous days!) but just keep reminding myself why Im doing this. I've got a 5yo boy who keeps saying 'mummy dont do a smoke!' so that helps keep me motivated!

    Best of luck and keep us posted on your progress :-)
  • Jenso , Illawarra Shoalhaven June 26, 2012 | 22:54
    Good luck queenslander, don't worry too much about you appetite as when you get your taste buds back I'm sure you'll be wishing that you didn't eat so much. I'm just starting to get mine back now at day 22. All the best and chuck out those ashtrays
  • wendelle June 27, 2012 | 13:39
    Good luck to everyone, at least we can all say I know how you feel. I still have smokes but haven't touched them, temptation is every where, so I'm taking it head on.
  • 25 years of smoking July 26, 2012 | 10:30
    hi everyone ,i have been smoking for 25 years i am now 45 i smoked at least 25 plus a day , ,,,ive seen to many love ones die of emphasemia ,,,so i decided to give champix a go ,,in the first week of taking champix i was still smoking not as much tho ,,im on my 10th day now and still having a cig but i think its just the habit of having one after a meal ,drink ,first thing in the morning. i dont feel like a smoke i just spark one up because of the habit i think , after i have a cig i do feel a bit sick in the stomach , i hope i can do this :)
  • NOPE January 15, 2013 | 10:02
    Hi All,
    I am on day 7 of champix and seem to be experiencing the same things. Dreaming after years of not remembering, hungry but theres nothing that i want to eat and definately not so much as craving a cigarette but smoking out of habit. Im trying not to stress to much about my quit but looking at all the positives

    Remember this is YOUR quit, you WILL do this :)

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