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Negativity, self doubt, self loathing and victimology....

Posted in Hints and tips 20 Jun 2012

I'm a cold turkey quitter of a 26 year habit currently sitting at 169 days smoke free with over $2700 saved. Not sure why but recently there seems to be some self doubt, negativity and victomology issues creeping onto this site. I love being smoke free. I'm not gonna lie sooooo many of my mates still smoke and I'm kinda jealous of them I still get cravings everyday and the little voice tries to justify in almost everyday that having just one smoke wouldn't hurt. Those of you who may be thinking its all to hard to stay quit or that life smoking was somehow better or more fun. Focus on the fact that every single one of us on this site is an addict. Negativity is just our addiction kicking in. No matter how intense a craving gets focus on how bad life really was managing your nicotine addiction 24/7. 169 days down life smells and tastes beautiful. So what that I get a stupid craving for about five minutes everyday they just remind me how good life is at the moment and how much I want a life free from nicotine addiction. The biggest thing for me is having control over my life not being a slave to the durries and bursting into flames every 40 minutes.

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  • Quitsmart June 20, 2012 | 16:12
    Freakboy, thanks for sharing. It's inspiring and supporting to know that we are not alone.
  • rainbow4006 June 20, 2012 | 19:26
    Hi Freakboy your post was an interesting read, its funny, but i have never felt my life was better with cigs, but i did something that has worked incredibly well for me, not sure it would work for anyone else, i changed very few things in my life when i gave ups cigs, i am exercising a little and watching what i eat, but i see same people, still drink coffee in my fav place, my hubby smokes and i dont preach,(although he smokes outside and must close all doors i refuse to get his second hand smoke when im trying so hard!) i do everything as before, i just DONT SMOKE....i often wonder if people are finding it so hard because they change so much about their lives to give up smoking, ive been wondering about this for some time, it may give some people food for thought, if it works for me, there may be some other people this would work for too?
  • Alican, Hunter New England June 21, 2012 | 10:11
    I love your 'so what that I get a stupid craving for about five minute' quote......i NEED to listen! I come here every morning and this morning Im kid free and its even more tempting to run up the shop! Oh when does it get easier????

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