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Accepting the cravings!

Posted in Hints and tips 19 Jun 2012

In preparation for my next quitting attempt i thought i would try and get some advice about dealing with the cravings and the stress that goes along with it. I searched online about hypnotherapy and other advice. The best advice I came across was when dealing with each craving that arises was just to accept the craving, allow it to be in your body, give it a description(eg intense heavy etc), talk to it (sounds strange) . I really believe this assisted me in taking the steps to start quitting smoking. I already had anxiety problems so attempting to quit was hard. Anything is worth a try right?

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  • rainbow4006 June 20, 2012 | 19:59
    Hi Alican, absolutely anything is worth a try, i have an anxiety disorder, and i must say quitting cold turkey 68 days ago didnt help that anxiety disorder at the time LOL! but i got through it, i say do whatever floats your boat and gets you through, what works for one may not work for another, i personally had a lot of anxiety about putting on weight when i gave up, im heavy enough i did not need an ounce extra! so i decided to do half an hour of gentle exercise after work each night, and put ONLY healthy food in my mouth, now i also have a medical condition that has wrecked my metabolism, can never be fixed, so losing weight is incredibly difficult at the best of times, in 68 days i have not smoked, i have exercised for half hour 5-7 days a week, have lost almost 8 kgs and am feelin fine!!! its really important if you want to be successful Alican to find what works for you, then you will be able to do it as a permanent thing, good luck!!!!
  • Alican , Hunter New England June 21, 2012 | 9:50
    Well done, rainbow ur an inpiration. Ive been so tempted today and im FEELING it BAD. Im quite cranky and almost getting to the point of giving in and going up the shops to get a packet. I started out cold turkey, until it came to the weekend then it was so tough to not think about esp with a drink. I think if you can do it with your other conditions then im sure im able to keep it up too. Its almost been 2 weeks(not smoke free) since i cut right back from about 15 a day to about 3 a day and today is a smoke free day. But good for you rainbow, 68 days is an awesome achievement. How did u cope the first few weeks?

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