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My Method to Quit and I was surprised it worked

Posted in Staying quit 03 Jun 2019

I have to share this with you, I have smoked 20 a day for 5 years+ now, probably longer but we all like to pretend we haven't been long term smokers.

I haven't bought a pack in 7 days and I have no desire to either, here is how I did it.

Half the battle is getting past your cigarettes running out which creates panic in your routine so you smoke again. You know the drill, leave one in a pack as an emergency, buy multi packs so you know you have a big supply etc etc. Promising to quite tomo etc.

All falsitys.

So here is what I did...

I had a metal bucket with sand and a lid and when I smoked I built up a big amount of butt ends. about 200 in all.

So when I smoked my last cigarette I had to just make it through the whole day and night which is the most important task to get done. Fail this and its game over.

So day 2 I had lost some of the strong cravings, I then smoked the cig butts whenever I wanted, usually my brain thought because I had smoked one I could then get on with things.

During the day I may have had 9 butts which really amounted to half a cigarette.

By the end of the day I feeling disgusted about diving into the bin, if you are off to work take some butts with you.

So this disgust continued, I felt like a tramp and yet I noticed that I was going to the bin even less.

By day 5 I visited the bin once or twice in a day

By day 7 I no longer visit it.

and I have had stressful moments to trigger smoking a whole one but I resisted.

I feel so much better, feeling sick on day 3 but that was it, I took a berocca vitamin drink tablet.

You have to try it.

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