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Big dirty

I'm hoping for help and encouragement

Posted in Reasons to quit 30 May 2019

I'm a smoker 2 packs a day I'm 53 and been smoking since 18 and just scared I can't do it I live in a very stressful marriage and I'm in the process of trying to find a job home all day with nothing to do but clean and smoke please any advice would be a great help my husband smokes but won't go any place other than. Around me to have a smoke this is so hard feeling depressed and I also have generized anxiety disorder and panic disorder

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  • Red-67 May 30, 2019 | 8:28
    HI Big dirty :)
    Allen Carr's book, " The easy way to quit smoking " can help you change the way you think, and make your quit much easier. You can also click on users names, and read success stories, and advise. Unfortunately, management is forcing many of us to leave.. You CAN quit, and it can be as easy as you make it. For what it's worth, I'm not too impressed with your husband's lack of consideration :)
  • Robn May 30, 2019 | 13:51
    Hi Big Dirty,
    The Allen Carr book is a must can probably pick up a copy at your library. Work on your other positive @bout not fear it. Look at all the positives that are going to come out of quitting...more money in your pocket, much improved health, stress levels do actually reduce when we quit, self esteem improves dramatically, sense of smell and taste is restored. To succeed you really need to want to look forward to it. You are not depriving yourself of anything good in your are taking back control...and that feels amazing. One day at a time. You can do this and you know what...your hubby will be amazed at how good you are going to feel.....he may or may not decide to join you....doesn’t matter this is your just need to want to quit more than you want to smoke.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 30, 2019 | 20:20
    Good advice from above Big dirty, read as much as you can this will increase your understanding and will also get you thinking about improving your own self first and not worry about anyone else. You might also consider reading some of the posts to see if they fit with you. Try thinking of what hobby you could start or if you could step outside for a short time to blow those cobwebs away.
  • Happiness June 01, 2019 | 0:09
    Welcome Big Dirty. Many like yourself, come , afraid and uncertain. Please take the time to read as many recent post as possible since you seem to have time on your hands. I had quit work when i decided to quit and had plenty of time to spend on the quit site. I think it gave me the extra incentive to quit and to BELIEVE that it was possible. My story is there to read as well as articles of advice, and a link to read Allan Carr's book on line for free...just click on the link and please read the warning part before you get to the actual chapters. Linger and absorb every word. He is amazing at unbrainwashing the mind (for a lack of a better term) to what we believed nicotine did for us.
    80% of this battle is won in the mind. Starting with that while cutting down to go 72 hours cold turkey is the fastest way to rip the bandaid off and be done. I am not special, but I am proof it can be done. My husband smoked for two weeks beside me and then quit also. My daughter also did it as easily.
    Anyone can quit smoking when they believe that they can.
  • Nuts June 02, 2019 | 10:12
    There is power in positive thinking. Believe in yourself and you will do it. Dont let a little tube of nastiness beat you

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