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Posted in Quit experiences 12 May 2019
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I had help to quit using Champix tablets.I know they arnt for everyone.I am yet to experience any side effects other than it takes a bit longer to get to sleep.I combated this by having the night time dose at 4pm or earlier.

I have been on this medication now for 4 weeks.

As far as im concerned,it has worked well for me so far.

After smoking for 35 years since i was 15, i cant believe the benefits it has had on my lungs in the last 3 weeks.I can actually breath so much better as i am an asthmatic,and i havent needed my puffer for 2 weeks.I,ll still keep it though.

Ive also noticed (finally) how discusting secondhand smoke really is. Most of my friends still smoke and i have told them of my progress and they dont believe ive stopped.

Just one more thing is the cost of smoking is outrageous,and i have spent most of the extra money i have on food,so yeah, there is a downside to quitting.But it will get better ive been told.

Thanks,hope i can help someone.

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  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 13, 2019 | 17:35
    Hi Jon I too am on Champix, I am also 63 days quit after trying a few times. This was the only product that worked for me but the sleeping was difficult so I am only using one a day which makes it a bit harder but I am managing quite well at the moment. I too eat more than before, but I am choosing healthy food most times, with a treat at odd times, and I also chew lollies etc. I did extremely well on Mothers Day ate everything (chinese restaurant) then went to the club with my sister and niece and their friends, the smoke didn't worry me, and I looked at their packets of cigarettes without a twinge, because I know if I just take one than I am back to square one. Finally worked that out. Good luck on your journey.

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