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Some advice please

Posted in Hints and tips 10 May 2019
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I have a very hectic life very stressful which I would always head straight for a smoke and I don’t want to replace smokes with food.

I’m just wondering how people work through basically life’s challenges how they have worked through it especially in the first couple of days. Please I would love to hear from your experiences

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness May 10, 2019 | 22:34
    Hi JonBonJodi. First realize that smoking cigarettes has never done anything for us. It is the cause of most stress, as most stress is about health or money or a conflict within ourselves, as this journey may be. The sooner you accept and dismiss the negatives, the smoother and faster your way to freedom with happen.

    The addiction to nicotine keeps us in the endless cycle where we have a puff to eliminate the cravings, only to alleviate it, and the cycle to begin again. This can certainly be a stressful situation to put a halt to. You are here and you are seeking help to be free, and this forum is of great help to those quitting and to those already quit. It is a reminder from whence we came and where we are going. It is a source of strength, and a wealth of information.

    Read and Learn for Knowledge is power, and your beacon to the light.

    Google how to reduce stress and i am sure you will find great information. To lessen your stress about this journey, the best thing is to embrace it, for it is a journey you are taking to better yourself and family, and health. Good luck with your surgery. Do not fear quitting smoking, cravings are but mere thoughts, and even they can be put to rest quickly if you let go of the past relationship once and for all.

    Think positive. Believe and it will be so.

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