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Posted in Getting started 10 May 2019
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I’m having major surgery soon and I want everything to go smooth so I’m going to try and give up smoking. This is day 1 (actually 7hrs 8minutes), I’m aware of certain triggers and my plan is to keep busy but I have a special needs child which can be challenging so I hope I can stay strong with that.

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  • Happiness May 10, 2019 | 22:49
    When you cut down tobacco it has been advised to drink plenty of water and eat a good breakfast which many have skipped. Also cut your caffeine in half as the nicotine used to diminish the effects of the caffeine. Ginger is also believed to curb cravings. I was helped to quit i believe by a very simple, healthy ginger and turmeric lung cleanse. I still add them to a tea or soup , or curry, as they have an abundance of health benefits. Take deep breaths. Even in the first few days, you will notice a change in your lungs capacity and health. Exercise and think happy thoughts releases serotonin. Dark chocolate 80% or more is also good for you and healthy. I mashed cocoa with banana (as the sweetner) and froze it in about 10 pieces for a reward in place of a cigarette. A medium banana is about 105 calories, cocoa is 20 calories /Tbs. X 3 so a lot less calories than a pastry or chocolate bar. Gum would be great , but it sticks to my dental work.

    All the best to you on your journey. I hope these little tricks may help.

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