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A Happy Non-Smoker Since Day 5... Smoke-Free 6 Months Today!

Posted in Getting started 08 May 2019

You might ask what the difference is, or the point?

Being Smoke -Free is something that i never thought I could do before I started this Journey. It is a measure of time only. In a positive view it is a past that we draw strength from, a time where we came to know ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses and persevered in spite of initial fear and discomfort. We take pride in achieving our goals and goals should be made in all aspects of our lives from working towards our dreams, a better job, to better health and wealth. We work with diligence to accomplish that which we desire.

6 months quit can also be negative, if you view it as deprivation of your true desire. 6 months of willpower is not the same as 6 months of being a Happy Non-Smoker.

I knew I was a non-smoker at Day 5 because i no longer had a nicotine addiction. It was out of my system and the habitual changes were up to me. I didn't really change much to be honest, it was more a shift in the mind. I found myself on this journey unexpectedly, after cutting down and wanting to make some changes to better my health. By simply throwing the cigarettes across the room to cut down mindless smoking, taking a ginger/turmeric lung cleanse (which i found curbs cravings afterwards) joining a quit group (but this one is much better!) i started to believe that i could quit ...... and i did.

The power of believing and desiring is a force to be reckoned with . The more i learned about nicotine and the addiction , the more determined i was to beat it. I saw that it could be done, and I drew my strength from that.

I learned how i became addicted, and forgave myself. I know too much to ever go back and let it have that hold on me again. I embraced the journey , knowing I could finally get the monkey off my back. My mind is free of nicotines clutches and so am I.

I wish everyone could adopt the mindset naturally, but for some it takes practice . Read and Learn. You too can quit smoking.

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  • Nuts May 09, 2019 | 9:43
    Congratulations Happiness on 6 months smoke free. Well done. You are a inspiration to everyone who is trying too quit. Be proud of yourself and treat yourself to a special reward. You deserve it. Congrats again
  • softly40, Mid North Coast May 12, 2019 | 8:06
    You Deserve as many accolades that everyone on this forum can give you Happiness, your comments do inspire, and are at times thought provoking which demands us to take action, above all you have the compassion to help others which is a great achievement Well done in achieving a 6 months smoke free milestone.

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