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Day 2

Posted in Getting started 04 May 2019
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day 2 the second time around is so much different.. I've no longer got that sense of loss like i did before.. Im just getting on with my day.. Yesterday afternoon i even sat in the spot i would of smoked and someone was talking to me while smoking and it didn't have any affect!! This is crazy!! Crazy good tho!!! I think i am truly ready this time to become a non smoker!!! ❤

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  • Happiness May 04, 2019 | 14:10
    I am crazy about your enthusiasm. Positive thoughts go a long way in this journey. If you accept rather than fight the transformation, maybe you too will be free of the cravings once the nicotine is out of your system... about 72 hours.... and eases off.. I embraced the journey to free,dom joined a quit group and believed that i could succeed. Can it be that simple? All i can tell you is how it was for me. My first story is about how i quit so easily. I found others here who also believed in the mindset and were freed very quickly. (Robyn and Red67 and Leanne are the first i encountered)

    Following stories of those who believe in themselves and the mindset may give you the perspective needed to do the same. Believe you can. Knowledge is power!

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