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Day 1 :/

Posted in Getting started 03 May 2019

So here i am starting all over again! Day bloody one!! I gave up last year that lasted for about 6 weeks until i stupidly thought "oh just one will be fine" how silly of me! Im using Nicorette quickmist as an aid that's how i did it last time.. I hate the first couple of days and probably so do my family.. Im so angry and easily irritated.. Anyone have any tips on how to deal with that anger/ irritability when looking after two younger kids? (1yrs and 5yrs)

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  • Robn May 03, 2019 | 17:53
    Hi Amy1990,
    Good on you for trying again, my suggestion to stop the anger is be happy. Be happy that you have quit again. Be happy and look forward with positivity to the whole new you.there is nothing to be angry about...this is a fantastic new chance to kick that filthy habit out of your life. You are not giving up anything and if you have a happy. I’d set your quit will be much easier. Go girl, you can and will do this.
  • Happiness May 04, 2019 | 0:25
    So you took the risk after warned Amy. Slips like yours are reminders to myself and others that we should not play with fire now that we have disposed of our lighters...

    You are an inspiration in that you did succeed and that gives hope to others. You have also returned to quit the addiction and get back on the better path in life. I am sure you will not repeat the mistake and stay with this forum for accountability. Your success is our success.

    As for irritability, catch yourself, stop and take a deep breath before you say or do anything. Access the situation and then deal with it.

    You have been smoke-free for six weeks, so have experience and knowledge that should make this time much easier. Do not view your slip as a failure but a learning process. Take the good lessons, make them work for you and this time around don't just consider that you are smoke -free...but an actual non-smoker. Embrace the new you, with a new life. Imagine how much more enhanced life with be for yourself and family.

    Take pride that you know you had been well on your way once, and that you will be again. Anyone can be a happy non-smoker if they choose to be.

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