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A Public Service Announcement for new quitters

Posted in Hints and tips 03 May 2019

Hi new quitters! Congrats are getting this far in your quit. I often see new quitters ask when it will get better. My pro opinion (and at 32 months I’m allowed to have one) is that things start to mentally improve on Day 8. Day one is fairly easy. Day two makes you wonder if you can do this. Day three is the WORST because your brain just figured out what’s going on. Day four your brain is having its first big temper tantrum. Day five, your brain tries to go on strike to get you to give in. Day six, your brain realizes you aren’t giving in. Day seven you are fully exhausted from battling a monster all week. Day 8 you wake up relieved because you have just fought your brain as if it were a rebellious and incorrigible child - and you won! I slept through all of Day 8, most of Day 9, and by Day 10, i was snappy but fairly normal. So, give yourself that week. If you feel you must go back to smoking, just re-read this and remind yourself that you’ll have to do H*ll Week all over again if you do. That should be enough to give you some forward trajectory!

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  • Happiness May 03, 2019 | 9:20
    A great recall of your experience WendyOhNo. And oh, yes, you made it through and now look at you. Even though i had it easy, i dread the thought of having to go through it again, maybe doubting myself, having a harder time of it, wearing egg on my face..... so once you get to the other side, you hope you have burned the bridges behind you. I can't imagine ever picking up a cigarette again, knowing how addictive and destructive the vile things are. We are human however and we do have feelings, not always rational . We just have to remember from whence we came and where our dreams lie.
  • Trasi, Central Coast May 03, 2019 | 19:43
    So good to read this. My quit day is tomorrow, here’s hoping to keeping strong 😊

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