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I don't regret any more..8 months of regretfree life

Posted in Quit experiences 01 May 2019
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Dear all ,I am wondering how much I regretted after every smoke and before next one for over 20 years .

In my new smokefree version, life can be whatever but no regret anymore about smoke.

I am quite satisfied and happy to make it till now and it's worth. I am around my smoker frnds everyday for last one month, but hardly I want to have a puff. NOPE (Not one puff ever) is my mantra .

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness May 02, 2019 | 0:03
    The satisfaction of 8 months free of the devil must make you ecstatic. But you were free in reality right from the time you kicked the addiction (nicotine). The rest is in your head, the cravings, and relationship with the cigarette. Change how you think of smoking, how your feel about smoking and make the physical changes to aid the moulding of your new future self. The proper Mindset does make the quit so much easier, for it is not about willpower but BELIEF.

    I am so happy for you and all the others who are on this journey for lasting freedom. I am happiest for those who truly understand the addiction and have adopted the NOPE mantra , the ones who are truly satisfied and proud with their new status of non-smoker, for they are beyond the clutches of the sneaky nico monster.

    Celebrate. You are Free! You will never be its slave again.

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