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Over 1 year done.

Posted in Staying quit 27 Apr 2019

So I finally hit the 1 year mark a couple weeks ago and I feel like Im finally free. For some reason I had this notion in my head that i havent really made it until i hit the 1 year mark. That was a mistake, i should have been celebrating every day that i was a non smoker and not just the 1 year mark. Im not going to lie, it was a really tough year but looking back, i could have made it so much easier. Heres a few tips that may help you.

Find what gives you joy... for me it was bushwalking and being in nature. For you it might be something completely different, whatever it is, go out and do it.

Exercise has to be the most underrated anti depressant that ever existed. Im not going to say it will replace your anti depressant or that it will fix all your problems but i will say you will feel amazing a lot more often if you do exercise which can help keep you away from smoking.

Count the money you are saving, for me this was a huge motivator and definitely helped me stay quit.

Lastly, dont give up giveing up. I smoked since i was 13. Im now 35. It has taken most of that time to quit. Its worth all the fails to know ive finally kicked it for good. Hang in there. X

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  • Robn April 27, 2019 | 14:51
    Well done Larn........I agree with you on the exercising...... it really is a great benefit to a persons over all wellbeing.
    I don’t exercise as such but I walk a lot and do a lot of gardening which helps fill my time and gives me pleasure.
    Now you are on your way to your second year as a non smoker.....fantastic proud and stay strong x
  • Larn April 27, 2019 | 17:15
    @robyn thanks very much
  • Happiness April 27, 2019 | 22:47
    So you are just a young one Larn. Good for you for taking the devil by the tail before he is sitting on top of your chest with his hands around your neck. I think many of us quit because of health issues or at the least the fear of them. Most quit at an age where we stop believing that we are immortal. If common sense and belief in yourself prevailed we would have all quit years ago. Having tools like this forum, aids and the knowledge so accessible on the internet making quitting smoking a very viable and sustainable endeavor for longevity. Belief in yourself can be key and can very definitely make quitting easier overall.

    Allan Carr makes a point of fearing what will never happen. Waiting for something you hope never happens. Smoking again. You have quit smoking when you truly believe that you have made the right decision and that it is truly want you want , no niggling doubts, no resentment, no missing it, no secret love affair with it. Let it go and you will be free.
  • Geo April 28, 2019 | 9:10
    Hi Learn, I've always enjoyed nature too, but I would usually smoke at the same time. Now I have relearned to enjoy it without the need for smoking, it's still a bit tough after 100 days, but it does give me strength to keep from smoking. Walking has always been a stress reliever for me, especially in a natural setting. Today is different though, Trochanteric bursitis ( in the hip ) has restricted my long walks to shorter ones, but I have notice its is slowly improving. Thanks for your update and tips. Glad things are working well for you now ! Just be careful, I quit when I was in my mid thirties, and old nic had snuck back in ( disguised as a cigarillo ) , and out several times for me. Each time, I thought, one cigarillo will be okay and I became the new habit, which over the last 30 years has been a roller coaster for me.
  • Happiness April 28, 2019 | 16:00
    I guess Geo was trying to say NOPE. Not One Puff Ever !!! I know i won't challenge it! I am enjoying being a non-smokier and relishing the freedom and pride in my self ever so much. I have to admit that i do fear it in the summer when i go to the cottage.. I look forward to my gran kids respect and having other fun games, like croquet, ladder ball even double dutch, yep you read right. Double dutch..... still can't believe where the years went!!! I surely want to set a good example and continue to feel GREAT!
  • Larn February 07, 2020 | 2:13
    Yes Geo and happiness. Never have that 'just one puff'
    I have gone through far too much and worked way too hard to take it up again. I even quit drinking so I didn't have a puff while too tipsy. ❤️

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