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10 days and counting

Posted in Getting started 18 Apr 2019

10 days since I decided enough was enough and stopped cold turkey. Today has been the worst day of all. On the drive home, I found myself doing a lap of the supermarket carpark with the intention to stop and buy a pack. Luckily, my usual spot was taken. I took that as a sign and came home instead. Close call. Too close! Hopefully I can be stronger tomorrow!!

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  • Milena April 18, 2019 | 23:15
    You will be stronger. It's my 14th day and it's unbelievable how different I feel from day 10. Every day is much easier in so many ways. Maybe it's good that it happened, you stopped and you're conscious about wanting to stop and honest with yourself. I even do things like that on purpose because it helps me (but it's different for everyone). For example I started doing things I would usually do while smoking. I drink my morning coffee everyday. I went to a bar and ordered beer. I even sat by the window I smoked by at my friends house. It feels good. Like I'm reaching a milestone every time. Best of luck!
  • Happiness April 19, 2019 | 2:13
    I do love the name you chose FREEMEE. That says it all about you and your drive to get to freedom. You were strong yesterday, as you did resist the temptation, and everyday you will keep getting stronger in your determination, as the days indicate further success.

    I must also say that i am glad Milena goes on with life, the morning coffew, beer and favourite chair , all which may be associated with past behaviour, but also an integral l part of every day life. We are giving up a nasty, vile addiction, not our friends nor other things we enjoy in life. We would only feel more lost and deprived to do so, and that would only lead to resentment, discontentment and failure. Be strong, knowing that it is only a temporary feeling, like learning a new job or a new skill. It will become automatic in due time and feel "natural" as was intended in the first place. It is illogical that we would fill our lungs which we rely on the breathe will such filth and poison. We have come to our senses, or perhaps just finally come to believe that we CAN stop this insanity.

    Anyone can quit smoking with guidance, knowledge and the will to do so. Think positive!
  • Leeann , Central Coast April 19, 2019 | 9:16
    Welcome Freemee, congratulations on making the wise choice to free yourself!! If you can do 10 days, you can do 10 more. Just focus on getting through each day smoke free. You can do this, you've shown us how strong you can be. Im impressed with anyone who can go cold turkey!! Hang in there okay, it does get easier. Just focus on those smokes for what they really are, poison sticks!! When cravings come along just push the thought straight out of your head and tell yourself no you do not want to smoke, its just the addiction talking, and the cravings bit by bit get less and less until finally it just becomes a distant memory of something you used to do
  • BethP April 19, 2019 | 12:14
    So happy you didn't stop. Remember NOPE and it will get easier, I promise.
  • freemee, Illawarra Shoalhaven April 22, 2019 | 21:45
    Thank you all for your wonderful responses.

    The past few days have continued to be hard as my husband has not stopped smoking like we agreed! Caught him out a few times and he's now admitted he still smokes at work. Its not his time I guess.

    Ive been concentrating on ways to distract from the cravings but its the time I used to spend outside chatting with hubby while we had a smoke I miss the most. My sense of smell and taste are returning to normal as I now notice how much he stinks when he comes back inside and how different our usual nightly meals are tasting.

    Sorry if my thoughts are all over the place - my concentration hasn't returned yet!!!

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