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Posted in Staying quit 10 Apr 2019

Hi! I am 20 years old female, had been smoking for 3 and a half years now. I had root canal procedure around age 14. Last year, that same tooth gave me trouble, it gave me a cyst (dental apsces), I lost my tooth and continued with my life still smoking...

Ten days ago, it all started again. I had another cyst, same place, stuck in my jaw. I lost another tooth and had an inflamed cyst and incision of it that lasted for 3 days. I had a sterile gauze stuffed inside that incision and during that time and it had to be changed without anesthetic. I don't want to feel a pain like that ever again. Of course, I had to turn to the internet for more information and I read horrible things.

Fear filled my body and I felt sharp pain as I entered a stage of sudden depression and anxiety attacks that I though I left in the past. My dentist told me I had to go to maxillofacial surgeon and do some tests to check if it's something serious, I froze, he thought it's spread through my jaw. I went there, I had been told that I'm in the wrong place and they sent me to the oral surgeon and told me that they need to get to my cyst with surgical procedure and clean it, however, when I went to the Oral surgeon. they told me that I just need to finish my therapy and that the cyst was gone as soon as it had contact with air. 

So, my friends, fear already did its job, I stoped smoking and the only time I think about it is when I thank the universe I stopped (And when I drink coffee haha). Wish you all the best of luck, that motivation you need exists somewhere, you just need to find it, don't lose hope but remember that clock is ticking. (English is my second language - if anything's unclear)

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  • Robn April 10, 2019 | 21:40
    Hi Milena, your English is very good. Thank you for sharing your story and you have a great deal of courage. Not only did you endure a lot of discomfort, you managed to use that experience to stop smoking. Well done to you. Stay strong and know in your heart that this is the smartest decision to make.
    Better health and more money in your pocket and freedom.
  • Happiness April 11, 2019 | 0:07
    Welcome Milena. Thank you for sharing your story and that even the perils of smoking can have an equally traumatizing effect at the tender age of 20. We who have smoked for decades should be very thankful that we are still here. Quitting smoking is not the worse thing on earth, and it can be easy with the right mindset. We have the knowledge , the tools and support to take the journey. Will and determination will see you through to success.

    I am sorry for your anguish that brought you to this point Milena, but so happy one more life is spared. When some quit, it is not only that person who benefits ,perhaps too, the family and friends that we re given inspiration as well. My hubby and daughter have both quit right behind me, and I am 5 months now . Hopefully my grandchildren will also stay smoke free.

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