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Posted in Quit experiences 02 Apr 2019

KEEP A LIST of reasons why you are quitting. Mine is typed and is three pages long.

When you are having a craving, you have two choices: have a cigarette or don't have one. Make the better choice!

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  • Red-67 April 02, 2019 | 10:22
    HI, Welcome :)
    Sure, there are many good reasons to quit, but, the best one, is to really see, that we are, or were, just a slave to a little tube of tobacco. Open your mind to the fact that we let them run our life, take our time, our money, and our health. Once you accept the pure stupidity of being a smoker, and make them something you just do NOT WANT, instead of something you are giving up, the quit can be much easier. I WAS addicted to smoking for 45 years, and only really tried to quit once. That was over 2 years ago now, and you CAN do it too. It can be as easy as you make it.. It is great to be free :)
  • Happiness April 02, 2019 | 15:40
    Hello Janchad and welcome. You are correct in that we do have a choice. I am impressed with 3 whole pages of good reasons to denounce cigarettes. I gather the other list was quit short, if not blank. The truth is, there is no upside to this nasty habit that was glamourized back in the day. Today's smoker are outcasts and shunned more and more.
    Once understanding nicotine and our addiction to it, gives us new perspective , and even insight to ourselves. Knowledge is power! Read and enjoy some posts. Anyone can quit smoking and we are here to help one another to do so. I hope to hear more from you and the other newcomers.

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