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Update - Day 50

Posted in Quit experiences 27 Mar 2019

Update here ...I reached day 50 yesterday. Day 50 since I went cold turkey. But technically day 85 if I include the first 35 days with a patch. I now think of my patch days as training camp. Yes I was not smoking cigarettes but I still had a crutch and a nictotine addiction.

Anyhoo I am surviving. But wouldn’t say thriving. I don’t feel any better physically. As for mentally - every day for 85 days it’s been hard work. I read that for some smokers the quit symptoms and experience can be severe - think I must be in that category. It’s just been a rough ride. Learning that I smoked for every emotion for 30 years takes time to unpick, takes time to work through and is hard to experience now without any coping mechanism or real coping skills. Feel like I am in my own boot camp learning about myself and my inability to manage my emotions. And what I will say is the rough days are random. I can be going ok then just have a really bad day. Buts it’s never about a cigarette, it’s about me now. I am posting this in the event it helps someone else. Maybe someone like me who has googled - does it get better ? Am I going insane ? My answers are yes it gets better but ever so slowly and it takes time. And yes I am going a little insane but have to believe it will settle. I have to believe it all gets better. Keep telling myself I am still in that first 3 month window. And, more importantly that it’s a lifetime of change I am going through each day when I experience life emotions etc. This too shall pass is all I can say. Or as scarlett o hara would say - I ‘ll think about that tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day. ☘️

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  • Happiness March 28, 2019 | 6:47
    Good for you Shamrock. The journey is indeed more than about quitting smoking. It is about a serious change in life style. Retraining our brain and way of thinking and accepting all of that.... all at one time. Yet if you accept it rather than fight it it must make a difference. I smoked for 43 years and up to 30 a day or more and quit with no problem. Then i read Allan Carr's book to reinforce. It is a good read for all , where ever your quit. I am sorry you don't feel much physical change, but maybe that is because you are more fit than most. Be thankful for that, or be assured it will improve. Regardless, it is a very important change you have made to better your future in other aspects. Great job and keep it up, it will one day be a journey of the past.
  • softly40, Mid North Coast March 29, 2019 | 15:02
    I think you have done really well, and it does mean changing your mental attitude to a degree, this is my 2nd time on Champix after 5 years, and I can remember all the things I had to learn along the way, it has made me a more loving and caring person to others and myself, this time I have the help of others on this forum, when I feel like I am getting nowhere. Baby steps on each emotion that is a problem for you and above all be happy you are changing for the better.
  • Lia March 29, 2019 | 23:49
    Hi Shamrock. It is always good to see success stories on this site. Takes considerable inner strength to get there. Those who are on the journey to success on this site know of your pain and can remind you of the gains you will make. YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT THESE ARE.

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