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My 1st 6 weeks

Posted in Quit experiences 21 Mar 2019

Oh dear, I've had an up and down month forgetting to apply my patches on several days ... sometimes 2 or more days and other days the patches have off when I'm sweating!

And yes although I've had my non-smoke, non-nicotine disposable Vapestix to help me through all this I've still succumbed to periods of cigarette smoking - a close friend who smokes and I have had at times extreme stress (including the death of my very dear sister-in-law) over the last few weeks, but overall I think I've done quite well considering.

As some of you may know ... or read up on ... my reasons for quitting smoking are quite different and not related to any bad health effects as I've only been a very moderate smoker for several years ... anywhere from 10-12 or so daily.

I've never ever had a cough, sore throat or exercise problems being a powerwalker since quite young - aka no lung/breathing probs either and when I got the computer generated email I was quite taken aback - then when I received the same email a dozen more times ... anyone else have this happen? ... well, the "computer" has my "not happy Jan" reply!

Today I see my new GP and get the 2nd Month's script ... another hiccup with the programme ... instead of having an ongoing Script for the 3 month programme it's apparently 1 month at a time!

Unfortunately my new GP only works 2 x 1/2 days a week in my area and it's not an ideal situation if I can't get an appointment or if I don't have the $20 gap fee ... unfortunately the surgery I attend only has 1 Dr bulk-billing and that is a no-go seeing it's my ex-GP!

And yes, I do feel better but now I've much less stress having found out I don't need any more cardiac procedures or atrial ablation ... it has fixed itself with the help of meds and now I can look forward to re-trying my total hysterectomy without hiccups, very soon and then followed by 2-4 weeks recovery!

I've also been eating my special diet and excercising gently until I get my medical clearance for doing light exercises at the gym ... I still have daily waves of side-to-side swaying apparently as a lingering (but lessening) side effect of a yes, possible mini-stroke, in Jan when my operation was aborted due to the AF episode.

Well, that's my 1st "month" (6 weeks today on only 28 patches) ... so hoping I'm much more successful this month ... and that it's a 28 day month lol!

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  • Happiness March 21, 2019 | 9:13
    Sorry to hear of your family loss and of your surgical hiccup. It sounds like you are progressing nicely and satisfied with your efforts which is great. You have a lot to deal with and seem equipped to take it all in stride. You sound like an amazing optimistic person and i wish you all the best. Positive thinking brings positive results and knowledge is power. Keep up the great work and attitude!
  • Maestro40 March 21, 2019 | 17:38
    You do sound like a person who DESERVES to have everything go right from now on! :-)

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