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It's worth a try

Posted in Quit experiences 18 Mar 2019

It isn't easy, but Champix certainly helped me. I have been a smoker for over 40 years and always thought giving up would be too hard after a couple of half assed tries. I finally tried Champix last year and have now clocked over 200 days smoke free. It really is worth a try.

I agree that it increases your appetite and that sleeping is a bit harder, but the eating urge only lasted for a couple of months. Still not sleeping great - but slowly getting that sorted too.

Best of luck. So better than the alternative...

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  • Robn March 18, 2019 | 21:37
    Congrats to you Bluebell, bet you feel better than you have in a long time. Enjoy your new found freedom. You have been smoking about as long as I had.
    Such a long time but it makes the breaking free so much sweeter. Well done again, stay focused @nd strong
  • softly40, Mid North Coast March 18, 2019 | 21:53
    Thankyou Bluebell my favorite flower. Yes its hard but this time I am taking the full dose so I don't trip up. Stll waking up very early this morning but went back to sleep for the first time. It helps when your not so tired. I have organized a trip for July pretty stressful doing that and booking planes etc. Did some relaxation though and got through it. I tried counting days before on my own but not sure of what to do when I slipped up. You seem to be going well which is good news.
  • Happiness March 19, 2019 | 7:34
    I love hearing the success stories even at my 120 days. It seems forever ago. Once we instill good habits, they also become ingrained in our daily life just as easily as we pick up bad ones. So happy to be free and looking forward to a brighter future. Stay positive and stay free!
  • storm, Murrumbidgee March 19, 2019 | 22:55
    congratulation Bluebell on your over 200 days what a great achievement
  • Nowra6, South Western Sydney March 19, 2019 | 23:21
    Nice one Bluebell - 200 days smokefree is awesome and inspires me to stick with the program.

    Sleeping.. i found a meditation app that helps me at night. It’s called Calm, it costs $80 per year but has quite a bit of content, from sleep meditatio, to master class type sessions on all sorts of anxiety triggers. It seems to help me sleep through the night. Speaking of which.. its now time for me to hit the app.

    Best wishes to you :)

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