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not drinking and not smoking is awful

Posted in Hints and tips 14 Mar 2019

I have been quit of all smokes for 290 days it's been a while since i last posted but wanted to share my experience it seems to me i can not smoke but i have to of had a drink of alcohol. It seems to me that if i run out of alcohol then i'd relapse and start smoking again as alcohol withdrawal is pretty bad but still smoke free and feels good my lungs are alot better now. When i was smoking i was always coughing and i guess really both smoking and drinking are no good but if your without both it's a shocker.

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  • Leeann , Central Coast March 14, 2019 | 17:16
    Well done Webbquit on 290 days off the smokes, fantastic achievement. I drink and don't smoke, it was hard at first to separate them as alcohol is a trigger for the old ciggies. I can easily have a drink now and not even think about smokes. I really hate them now, I find them a bit repulsive most of the time. The stale smell of smokes on people is the worst for me. Relish in the freedom there's nothing to miss from the smokes.😊
  • Happiness March 15, 2019 | 2:15
    Great job staying off the smokes Webbquit. Knowing and avoiding triggers is a good thing, but would make it difficult if it is also an addiction. Double trouble , so hats off to you for coping and staying smoke free . (And hopefully alcohol free if it is also an addiction) The health benefits are amazing and such a great reward even a few days into our journeys. First better breathing , then better smell, better skin, and best of all, feeling good about yourself, and confident again.
  • Geo March 15, 2019 | 3:06
    Coming up on 300 days without tobacco use is great, Congratulations ! For me it was the opposite, I no longer drink, and my smoking quit is so short at this time, like many others. You know I find in interesting, you can get counseling for most drug problems, including drinking, but when it comes to tobacco, they are few and far between, why is that ?
    Webbquit r u trying to reduce or stop your alcohol use ?
  • Happiness March 15, 2019 | 10:27
    There is no help for smokers who fill the government coffers . No one smokes and drives and kills someone. Since smoking is on the decline in Canada they have now legalized marijuana and it has strict rules and sold by the government for tax revenue. Vaping is now becoming more popular with the young ones as well.

    We have come to see the light with our addiction and find great forums as this to aid u in our journeys to freedom. Keep up the belief and good work peeps.

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