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Posted in Staying quit 13 Mar 2019
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Hi, my name's Bryn Benn and today's the 1st day I'll be smoke free. 13_03_2019 is the day. I'm on Champix and have been for 2 weeks. It's not the first time I've tried quitting. Once I was smoke free for 2 weeks (Cold Turkey) and then had an idea to be a fashionable part time smoker, but once I had one, it didn't take me long to finish the pack and buy more. But this time it's a pact non a pack. After living expenses I only have about $20.00 to spare, so I can't afford the $115.00. I was spending PW on tobacco anymore, as I have a new budget. So the time is right to quit, any time's a good time! Bye

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  • Geo March 13, 2019 | 13:20
    Hi Bryn welcome to your new way of life, lots of information here to read, ask and follow. Happiness ( that their handle on here ) has a great book by Allen Carr, the link is on here, and if you look thru my posts there is a link for another site that is in the USA called EX that site is more of a group sharing site with all kinds of information and positive people ( like here ) Good luck, you can make this work for you, as you know its not easy but with support and perseverance, this quit will be your last. My best advice is that your an addict, plain and simple forever, BUT you can be a recovering addict that no longer smokes if you stick with it. Relapses happen just remember that, don't beat yourself up to bad, just get back on the quit train a keep going in the same direction !

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