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346 days and 22 hrs Quit!

Posted in Staying quit 12 Mar 2019

I am still on track. So in the last year I gained 15kgs which was depressing but I am finally starting to see the scales go down again which is exciting. I mostly don't miss smoking, every now and then I smell someones cigarette and I like it and the familiar feeling I get but generally speaking I feel like its not even an issue anymore. Its possible I am less tolerant and a bit more angry sometimes but Im not really sure. I am definitely a lot better off. Exercise is becoming easier as my lungs are having an easier time. The first 700 dollars I saved when I quit was spent on fillings in my teeth and teeth whitening. After that point my financial situation changed and any savings I would have had got absorbed but quitting smoking was crucial for my current financial situation.

It was a rough year but I need to take a moment to reflect on the fact I actually did it. I have lost count how many times I tried to quit and couldn't make it work until this time.

I believe quitting alcohol first was a huge factor in staying quit.

I will have to think of a way I can celebrate when I reach the 365 day mark in a couple of weeks. I would love to hear your suggestions.

My best tool for people just starting out was focus on today only. Just get through today and then repeat. Only focus on today so it doesnt seem so big and hard. Eventually all the todays add up and you will be like me getting close to the wonderful 1 Year mark. All the best fellow quitters!! <3

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  • Nuts March 12, 2019 | 23:30
    How long did you gain weight for. I am 65 days smoke free and have gained weight. Hate it. I know that my metabolism has slowed down and should even out one day, . I am trying not to eat more, but it seems like i just think about food and i get fatter. Please tell me it wont last forever.
  • Larn March 13, 2019 | 0:26
    My weight kept going up until i got to my biggest and decided enough was enough which was about 11 months. I have added challenges with my weight due to a dodgy thyroid and other meds so in order for me to lose weight i basically have to starve myself for as long a period as i can manage, otherwise known as intermittant fasting. I think its like smoking, you will reach a point where you know you have to change what youre doing. In saying that, its easier to lose weight than quit smoking so do whatever you have to do to stay quit and worry about the weight later. If i was to do it all again i would definitely try to add exercise to assist me in quitting smoking and that would have made me look and feel 100 times better. Good luck!
  • Happiness March 13, 2019 | 1:55
    Congratulations on your almost year quit! Exercise would have been a great healthy activity to fill some voids while quitting smoking. It is good for dopamine as well, that Happy factor. I am sure you will lose the excess weight over time, meanwhile smile and show off those pearly whites. You can also smile knowing that quitting smoking is like shedding 90 lbs. That is the extra stress put on your body and heart while smoking.

    You definitely deserve a reward. Perhaps go to a concert or theatre with spouse or friend? A once in a lifetime dinner? A trip to the spa for the works! A tattoo to celebrate the new you! Sounds like something new for the wardrobe would reward and give incentive. Let us know what you decide on. Whatever it is ENJOY!
  • Geo March 13, 2019 | 4:03
    Yea for you Larn, keep up the great quit and watch your back
  • Larn March 13, 2019 | 12:31
    @happiness: Thank you for your suggestions! Where did you get that info that quitting smoking is like shedding 90 lbs for your heart? Im curious because I love learning how quitting has positively affected my body.
  • Larn March 13, 2019 | 12:37
    Geo: Thank you!
  • Geo March 13, 2019 | 13:28
  • Nuts March 13, 2019 | 20:18
    Thanks Larn. I have had my thyroid removed and i have graves disease , so that probably wont help with my weight problems, will see what happens
  • Larn April 27, 2019 | 12:52
    @Nuts having thyroid issues definitely makes weightloss harder but not impossible. Ive since seen a community funded dietician and exercise physiologist that has put me on a healthier path. If you would like some tips i have picked up from them, i am happy ro share.

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