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60 Days and moving forward

Posted in Quit experiences 11 Mar 2019

Hello Friends, Today is my 60th day smoke free. I am so proud of myself and the journey that I’m on, knowing that not long ago 60 minutes would have been a challenge for me to get through. My cravings to smoke are far and few, and I don’t look back at smoking with good memories. I realize that cigarettes is not my friend but a killer.

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  • Happiness March 11, 2019 | 2:10
    Congratulations on your milestone of a glorious 60 days of freedom. You can relax now i am sure, and enjoy the rest of the trip. You are fueled up and on familiar territory. You need not fear of getting lost enroute. You have your map and its destination is clearly marked. You are miles now from base, where else would you go? You have wanted this freedom for years. You are finally doing it , and you will achieve it. I believe that you already have.

    Enjoy life, Embrace your victory and all it signifies.
  • Geo March 11, 2019 | 2:57
    Congratulations such a achievement to celebrate, I'm looking forward to that day myself soon ! To realize what smoking was doing to us sure helps, and the power that drug nicotine has on us is truly a death trap waiting to jump on use much before our time. Keep up the great quit.
  • Battle won March 11, 2019 | 3:20
    Thanks Happiness, you have taken me this ride where the journey and destination take me far far away from the enslavement of nicotine, the reason why I am able to enjoy the trip is because I have taken back the power this addiction held over me. I am now free to live life beyond the fear what if I don’t have any cigarettes to smoke when I’m stressed out, what if I wake up and don’t have any cigarettes in the house, etc etc. The what if’s will always paralyze you from taking that first step of freedom. To those who are starting out on your journey embrace the winner in you, and say I got this.
  • Battle won March 11, 2019 | 3:28
    Geo, I always look forward to reading what you have to say. You always have words of wisdom & encouragement, be sure to post your 60th day smoke free so we can all celebrate that milestone with you.
  • Happiness March 11, 2019 | 11:21
    It breaks my heart when newcomers still come on with such adoration for a product that has only one purpose but to steal their money for as long as they live. The sad truth is, that they have, and it has run its course. We are a dying breed.

    I can only hope that they will research and find the truth and hence motivation to quit and stop feeling like this is a quest to give up something that they love. It is not!!!! Even if they feel that way, (so they think) what good does it do to mourn and discourage others??? I really thought this site was to encourage others, not to bemoan a fact or issue before you have even make a single step. The truth is ANYONE CAN QUIT SMOKING. Please, at least find a positive attitude. Please don't come and discourage others. I am sorry if that seems harsh. The decision to quit IS YOURS.

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