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Posted in Staying quit 07 Mar 2019

How much is freedom worth? Cigarettes not smoked in my 119 days at 28/day at roughly $12 for pk of 25 is $1600.oo But money is valued differently according to earnings and lifestyle. I am sure we can all find something better to do with the money.

We measure our success of quitting by counting the days since our last cigarette. To those struggling, it can seem like a constant reminder of less than enjoyable days and nights. A reminder of how long we have felt deprived of something we once took pleasure in. Perhaps you need a different way of measuring your success, and look at it as success. The monetary value may mean more to some. What about cigarettes themselves? We know they are like Lays potato chips, you can't have just one.

Have you ever taken notice of your car windshield, or windows or walls in a home where you have smoked? Have you ever just blown (exhaled) a puff through a paper towel and have seen the nicotine stain left behind? Can you conceive what 3333 cigarettes would do? No wonder we feel almost immediate relief after ceasing to coat our lungs in filth, and poisoning our immune systems.

3333 and so damned happy to be free! You are free after you extinguish your last cigarette. No one can make you smoke. There is no revelation to wait for. Don't count days of being free of nicotine like a measure to when you succumb. Believe that you are free, because you are! Count your blessings, count the benefits , count the nicotine monster out!

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  • Geo March 07, 2019 | 17:37
    I agree that positive thought and education will help one through the stages of staying quit. Personally I look at this like many of my past addictions with other drugs ( with the exception nicotine is a slower killer ) and booze. Once a addict always an addict. I must be mindful of situations at all costs when around such use. Staying clean has been a difficult choice, but I do have the tools in my toolbox to fight those craving, and if not I know where to look.
  • Nuts March 07, 2019 | 17:41
    Hi Happiness. I have saved $1,932 in 60 days. Thats 2 pkts of 50 per week. Smokes must cost more here. Its a lot of money to burn. So glad we have quit. I agree Lays potato chips are the best. Lol
  • Battle won March 10, 2019 | 2:31
    Hi Happiness, in the U.S. I paid $6.75 a day for a pack of cigarettes. So far I have saved $398, my savings is not as large as yours but it’s money saved and not spent on poison.

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