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39 days i think might be the only place i can i feel is actually genuine when you share your story

Posted in Staying quit 24 Feb 2019

I shared my story not to long ago i quit cold turkey faced physical difficulties more then craving besides that i didn't tell a soul till recently and i didn't because Of a few reasons but at a social gathering i attended yesterday as soon as i walked in they had the cigarettes lit keep in mind these are closet smokers which confused me because the vibe i got is they they were willing to come out their hiding ways just to tempt me to want one i actually was more offended and turned off i played it cool conversed answer questions they ask about my experience i said all of that to say this when you make a change in life you have to be doing it for yourself be prepared for nobody to be happy for you if they our great embrace it but pat yourself on the back know your doing something big and and be at peace with that your test triggers can be closest to you stay strong

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  • PuffNoMore , Southern NSW February 24, 2019 | 14:43
    no body else in the general public cares whether you have Quit smoking.

    but on this site we do care and love it that you have given up the smokes for 39 days.......

    We appreciate your grit n determination!!!!!!!!!!$!!!!$!!!$!!$$!$$$!$$$$
  • Happiness February 24, 2019 | 14:55
    I am sorry that anyone would try to sabotage an effort to better yourself Tyg. It is however a journey that you started because YOU choose to, not anyone else. Nor do our opinions either. I think we all put forth our best effort to support and even guide, but every quit is different. The truth is only you know you.

    I think that this is the best site going, where i am not censored for not backing Nrt's as i had been on one site. I have nothing against them either...To be fair... the manufacturer Verywell is up front with instructions and telling consumers to get counselling (group forum or private) to have better success. ( a much higher success rate). It is not their fault if people do not read.

    I am however hoping people who seriously want to quit smoking will invest the time reading stories here and on line to devise a quit plan that they not only feel knowledgeable about but comfortable with as well. I am glad you trust this site. I say my piece honestly, but you and only you know you and make decision accordingly of course.

    Know what it is that YOU want. Be true to yourself and believe in yourself!!!
  • PuffNoMore , Southern NSW February 24, 2019 | 15:05
    and, yes , you are doing this for yourself, because it does sometime feel that 'nobody else feels happy that you've Quit' unquote.
    Keep up the Quit cobber:)
  • dpen , Murrumbidgee February 24, 2019 | 18:44
    agree with you "puff no more", slipped up today (posted it) but no one seemed to care except me so...….back on track big time
  • Geo March 11, 2019 | 14:44
    As I look back at the many times I quit, there where a few nay sayer's in my circle, but I think it was more of envy than anything else. Where we worked together, they offered a cessation class for free on company time ( my very first quit around 1984 ) the company's reason was they we prohibiting smoking on the property. With the aid of Nicortte ( which I now believe caused some other heath related issues, after reading more about it... beware folks ) along with a great plan from the instructors, education, scare tactics, gross tactics, and alot of determination, I cannot stand cigarettes any longer.
    Years later though I started smoking cigarillos ( bad news ) and continued on and off for the last 33 years as many as 14 per day, ugh ! So now again I am here with fellow quitters looking for not only support and education but also trying to help others with moral support and encouragement. It is tough to be a constant quitter, but with today technology, I can occupy my crave with so much self education either by reading legitimate web sites, along with videos, using key words to search about quitting, the effects of various quit aids, as well as the effects of smoking, and other nicotine based delivery systems.
    ( wow that sounds professional ) One trusted site is " WebMD which offers credible and in-depth medical news, features, reference material, and online community programs. We are proud that others in the fields of media and health have recognized our efforts." This site below is where you can receive some excellent educational literature along with support from others via various online groups, conversations and and interesting activities. Personally I have found it very helpful. Judging from this post I imagine we have almost he same amount of quit time, I'm at day 57 today. Hope this post helps, Keep up the quit for your continued good health as well as those closest to you !
  • Tyg March 11, 2019 | 15:03
    Thank you Geo for sharing your experience i appreciate honestly i been on my journey it been challenging but anything that come easy doesn't last anything that last doesn't come easy i try my best to just keep pushing forward

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