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Posted in Hints and tips 21 Feb 2019

Smoking doesn’t own you...REMEMBER THAT!

April 2005. After praying for a few years to be free from smoking I reached the point where I was done with the guilt and frustration. I told Jesus that I’m sick of asking for help and that from now on I’m gonna smoke till I die and I don’t care anymore...three days later I stopped smoking(it’s been 14 years and not one dhurry). Because I gave up giving up Jesus said “finally you’ve let go and now I can help you!”.

1. Ask Jesus to help you come to the end of your own ‘self help’ ability

2. Naggers don’t help. They make you feel guilty and that keeps you locked into the addiction. Take a stand against the naggers. This is critical.

3. Keep on asking Jesus until you’re set free from this addiction.(I’ve asked Jesus that everyone who takes this on, WINS!)

4. Thank Jesus when it’s done.

5. Live free!

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  • Happiness February 21, 2019 | 10:59
    You are absolutely right in that naggers will not help your cause. You must WANT to quit smoking. You must believe in your reasons for doing so. I am glad you finally succeeded, but I can't simply tell people to give up. God helps those who help themselves. Belief is what matters, whether in yourself or a higher being. Only positive thoughts will bring positive results. Once free of nicotine, give thanks and take pride . Most of all embrace the new opportunity given you for freedom.
  • Faith777 February 21, 2019 | 11:51

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