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200 not out !

Posted in Staying quit 19 Feb 2019

Can't believe, but immensely happy, that my unplanned and forced quit is on its 200th day.

There is one thing I have realized while staying quit and that is.... stay humble to your quit. Don't assume you have found a mantra to stay quit. Different things work for different folks and what works for me is to keep telling myself that I haven't won anything yet. To me the struggle keeps me going than declaring a victory.

To those who have struggled to stay quit, don't be hard on yourselves. Keep trying. Sometimes, like in my case, you need the right kind of triggers to help you stay quit and they may not all be in your control.

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  • Happiness February 20, 2019 | 4:21
    Aniruddha, congrats on staying quit this long, and i am sure you will find it in you to keep it going until you are ready to declare victory. Yes, we must always be prepared, which is why it is recommended to keep your list of why you quit smoking on hand. Those reasons will never change. In fact, we may find more as we refrain from the addiction, that we can add to the list. Above all, accept and be grateful that you have come this far and that no one but you can take that away from you. You are finally in control after Years!
  • Aniruddha February 20, 2019 | 4:32
    Well said !!

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