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Posted in Quit experiences 11 Feb 2019

The truth is... no one can force you to quit smoking. That is something that you must want for yourself (or perhaps others) but ultimately something that you WANT TO DO.

This forum can give you the motivation to quit. Also tips and support, but only you can do the quitting.

Quit aids can help you to quit, but they are used to assist only. Even if you manage to quit with them, it is unlikely you will stay quit unless you understand the addiction and yourself and nicotine.

Truth is that quitting smoking is not nearly as hard as we were lead to believe all these years. Many do it every day. You can too.

Cravings are for most people, nothing more than an urge to smoke.... not physical. Our bodies have accepted those nicotine highs we enjoy... despite the coughing it produced to warn us against. We forced in onto our bodies, not we have to deal with it. Our bodies are happy that we finally reject what is unnatural, so that it can do a better job protecting us. Everyday we smoke , we impair our immune systems, our antioxidants that prevent cancer and other diseases.

I did not train to change habits beyond cutting down and making it uncomfortable. I did this for a whole 3 days, then quit cold turkey. I joined the quit group 2 days before i quit.

Allen Carr wrote a book, but had held group sessions for 5 hours, while his clients smoked and then quit upon leaving. They did not change habits at Allans request, although they may have done it as a natural process. Who knows how many remained quit. It is hard to argue the facts that Allan Carr presents. Hence the Mindset we speak of.

The truth is that smoking is an addiction. It may have be been acceptable back in the day, but we are looked upon as pollutants and have become a minority. We also stank. We risked our health and hard earned dollars to look yellow, worn and old.

Truth is that we were stupid to start smoking years ago. Even though we have known it, we always felt too weak to fight it. Oh, we probably have it a few tries, half heartedly over decades, but the truth is that will power alone will probably fail.

Today there is honestly no reason to continue smoking upon looking at all the facts. The cigarette was an advertised addiction that appealed to the masses , and sanctioned by government and society itself. We fell victim to it, and ourselves became an advertisement for the vile sticks. We told ourselves that we enjoyed them, even though when we realized we did not and could not escape, we felt stupid and powerless. We did not know what we know today thanks to quit lines and the internet. Today we have knowledge which is power.

We have done this vile addiction (by definition) which has also become an ingrained habit. It is a habit like biting your nails, or a having a special toy , blanket or pacifier as a child. We have overcome habits in the past. They just take some conscious thought to change. A few changes with a few accepted truths can make a difference in any habit. These changes seem to be the undoing of most. How many people have been well past the nicotine demon's clutches only to return to a life ruled by the cigarette?

Nicotine only lasts about 72 hours in your system, yes the nicotine receptors are around and some will last up to 21 days, but they only give the jolt of pleasure when you take a drag. If you don't , they get no satisfaction and that is what you miss.

Find others things like hugging a loved one, good memories, petting your cat or dogs, eating chocolate, having sex, watching a feed good movie, meditation, exercise etc.... to release dopamine.

Why not just feel good that you can be in control! Anyone can quit smoking. It is very doable. Stop making excuses.

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  • Shamrock February 11, 2019 | 14:18
    Happiness - I finally get it. I just referenced you and this post in my post.

    I get it. The switch has been flicked. My thinking has moved.

    I was looking for this information as the piece I needed. Found it in Allen Carr’s book. Which I had downloaded on my phone for over a year. Don’t even know where I came across it but noticed people in this forum referencing it.

    I went in blind to quitting. Probably a good thing for me i think. But learning for me is that there is so much information and help out there so why would not you prepare and plan with these resources when you quit. That’s the advice I can now give others as I won’t be doing another quit.

    Who knew a simple forum could be so helpful. Kind of restores some faith that us humans when we are being kind and helping each other - are not so bad after all.

    Keep up all your good work Happiness. I can see and feel this is your calling. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my posts and encourage me. It has been so appreciated. ☘️
  • Happiness February 12, 2019 | 1:45
    You are more than welcome Shamrock. Thanks for letting me know it helped. That is why i do it. Past posts get buried, so i try to write a new piece from time to time. Anyone can quit smoking. I never thought i could but i am 95 days now.

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