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Smell the roses

Posted in Reasons to quit 05 Feb 2019
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One of the most pervasive aspects of smoking is the smell., and how it gets in everything in your home.

As a smoker you tend to scoff at the "Passive smoking" effect, but on giving up you quickly realise when walking past someone smoking how it stinks.  It takes many many washes of all the clothes in your possession and a lot of Glen 20 at home on bedding, curtains and the like and things like ambi-pur running  non-stop to rid the stench. It is a very warm summer night now early in the morning and I am sitting on the couch by my open front window listening to the melodious sounds of neighbor coughing up his guts as he sits on the veranda every night smoking unfiltered rollies and drinking cheap grog till near dawn. His taxpayer funded death warrant seems not in the least to bother him and if short on money asks for charity help.

He is from England but is no English rose, more like that plant that grows in Indonesia famous for it's stink

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1 Comment

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  • Happiness February 05, 2019 | 5:04
    It is so good to smell the roses, the coffee, the night air, the morning dew, the scent of and the taste of good food. To experience what we have missed for many years, by having had our heads buried in the sand. Diminished taste, smell and a blindness to see how others perceived us (and smelled us) and how we blindly let nicotine lead us to self destruction, in health and wealth as well.
    To think we were your neighbour at some point. We are free now and so much better off for it. If only everyone knew how to and took the steps to escape the tyranny of the nicodemon.

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