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Posted in Staying quit 02 Feb 2019

Hey fellow quitters, just an update on hubby and I. I am 227 days quit and loving it. Hubby is back on track after his slip one week in. He's now two weeks past that slip and staying strong. Oh my is all I can say as I sit back and watch in awe as to how the hec he and others can do cold turkey!!!! He's been great not even moody, hmmmm I swear I was like a witch on a broomstick for around 3 months. Anyways different strokes for different folks, it's the end goal what counts and no prizes for how you get there. The prize is the ultimate the paradise of that freedom from the slavery. I love this website and stay committed cos for me personally I am an addict to smoking, and reading the posts helps me stay vigilant in staying strong because I never want to re-live those first 3 months

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  • Robn February 02, 2019 | 9:36
    Hi Leeann, go girl you are doing a fantastic job. You have not only kicked that rotten habit out of your have inspired hubby to do the same.
    Keep living the good has so many rewards for us every day. Never take it for you know and I know....that demon can pop up at the most innocent of times. I too consider myself an addict as I loved smoking...stupidly. I used to think it got me through some tough times...but I now realise it wasn’t the smoke that got me was all me. Stay strong and proud my friend....our lives depend on it xx
  • Happiness February 02, 2019 | 10:41
    It is so great to hear that both you and hubby are doing so well. My hubby is still with it too, around 70 days and I am plus a couple of weeks. Said he had a thought to buy a pack... it kinda shocked him. So good to be free. I go out and play cards for three and a half hours now with no breaks. I would have gone snaky before. Life is good after the cigarette.
  • Leeann , Central Coast February 03, 2019 | 0:10
    Thank you Robn and happiness NOPE not ever...... that's all it takes is one putrid drag to restart a life addiction. I tell anyone who is sick of smoking and wants to quit about this website. Smoking unfortunately was a crutch for us all for a very long time. I'm 46 and started smoking at 17. I've smoked for 20 years as I've had quite a lot of quits over the years. I'm no longer missing it like I used to and the whole stench of smokes horrified me now. Thank you ladies for being so awesome😊

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