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Posted in Staying quit 29 Jan 2019

Today is day 3 of quitting smoking it's hard the cravings are strong kplaying games on my phone and watching movies is helping me although when I find I'm bored the urge is stronger than ever I'm trying not to get bored. Eating sweet things is helping a bit also ! I'm taking it day by day but I'm getting there.

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  • Grimbling January 29, 2019 | 10:16
    Every day is a victory, Jess.289, so congratulations on what you've achieved so far, and congratulations in advance for what you will achieve in the future. We all deal with those cravings in the ways that best work for us but do watch the forum to see how others are coping; I started going for regular walks, for example. You've already become smoke free so keep doing what it takes to remain that way
  • Debbie317 January 29, 2019 | 12:03
    HELLO Jess, I does get so much better on day 4. just a few more hours.
    do what ever it take to get you through. Brisk walks help me alot.
  • Happiness January 30, 2019 | 5:33
    Baby steps will get you there, and learning to use the void times with productivity or better habits is a better way to get over missing the smoking habit. That seems to be what takes the longest, so start addressing the issue now instead of missing the cigarette and feeling sorry for yourself. Remember you took on this great quest to better yourself. You can do it like so many others have by staying positive and focused on the good, not the cravings.
  • SA_Stevo February 06, 2019 | 10:35
    I found the first week the hardest. The second week is easier. The third easier again. I'm now at 52 weeks and sure, I still have moments when a smoke would be nice but it's pretty easy to jump over them now.

    And that's the trick. Each time you need that smoke is all you have to get over. That one moment is all you need to resist. Join those moments together and they make a day. Join the days together and they make a week. Join the weeks together and you've made a year.

    That single moment is where it's all at. Enjoy it.

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