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You can do it !! Just keep trying.

Posted in Getting started 28 Jan 2019

I have smoked for 14-15 years and When I started quitting I slipped up majorly brought a pack spent the day trying to smoke them cause I was quitting for sure the next day. Next day I had 3-4 didn't have anymore then the next day I was so proud I didn't have any at all it's not that easy but it's not that hard either I downloaded a heap of apps to help me and tried keeping busy on my phone I still get cravings some not so strong some very strong but I distract myself and push through them.

Just have to be Positive and know you don't want the smoke refuse the smokes and just say I don't like it I don't want it. Life is so much better without them health wise money wise relationship wise the lot and you can do it if you keep trying. This is my 3rd attempt and I'm going to do it.

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